Fuck The Ducks 2011

I’m getting a late start to my day here, so I’ll have something of a personal retrospective of my thoughts on this being the last game at Husky Stadium AFTER the last game at Husky Stadium.  For the record, I hope it’s still called Husky Stadium two years from now, but I’m not really holding my breath.

There will be plenty of time to look back, but right now?  It’s time to whup some Oregon ass!

Duck DOES rhyme with Bitch! Stay Classy, Seattle!

After that Stanford game, it’s kinda hard to have blind optimism going into this contest.  The two things we have going for us this weekend is:  we’re at home, and we’re celebrating the 1991 National Championship team.  So you KNOW the fans are going to be rabid as all hell.  Personally, I plan on getting to the tailgate anywhere from 7-10am and drinking my balls off until gametime.  I don’t know how it’ll be for the players on the field, but you know what?  I have to imagine they’ve been hearing an earful all week from the players on that 1991 team.  About the honor and the privilege of playing football at Washington.  About how, IN MY DAY, WE NEVER LOST TO THESE OREGON FUCKS!  I have to imagine, even though most of these kids weren’t even born (or were infants), they’ve got to be whipped up into a lather about FINALLY breaking this fucking stranglehold Oregon has over us.

2003.  We haven’t beaten Oregon since 2003.  THIS very weekend, in fact.  Saturday, November 1, 2003, the Huskies hosted the heavily-favored Oregon and blasted them 42-10.  I won an imaginary 50 bucks from a Ducks fan who decided to welsh on our bet.  Shelton Sampson ran for 131 yards on 6 carries, leading a rushing attack that gained 261 yards.  Oregon took a 10-0 lead and we steamrolled ’em for 42 unanswered.

That feels like a century ago.  Oregon has gone on to have unprecedented success (for them), dominating the Northwest in every conceivable way.

And now, here they are.  7-1 (riding a 7-game winning streak after losing to #1 LSU), 5-0 in conference.  This will be the toughest conference game they’ve played all season (considering they got to host ASU three weeks back).  They’re the road team for only the third time (out of four opportunities, since that LSU game was a neutral field game), AND their next game is in Stanford the following week.  I know the UW/OU rivalry has turned into something bitter and nasty in the subsequent 20 years since they were our every-year whipping boys, but you can’t tell me they’re not looking ahead JUST A LITTLE BIT to the game that’s going to decide who goes to the Rose Bowl.

But, all of that?  All meaningless.  This game is going to be decided on the field just like every other game.  The Huskies may be leading in the Intangibles (crowd, passion, history, desire), but do they have enough talent?  That’s the bottom line.

We KNOW Oregon has the talent.  We get to watch it every week.  Now we get to see it in person.

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