Seahawks Will Go To Dallas, Probably Lose

After that Giants fiasco, I’m not making any more stupid guarantees.

Except this:  unless the Seahawks play 2-TE sets on every play, DeMarcus Ware will have no less than 5 sacks this Sunday.  Bank on this weekend being a great weekend to have the Dallas D on your fantasy team.

Get Used To This Sight

I still don’t know what to think about this team.  How does Tarvar throw for 323 yards in 3 quarters and we’re only able to put up 9 points against the Bengals while he’s in there?  I mean, the guy has proven he’s good, to a point!  But 9?  Jesus Christ!

I honestly just wish the season was over already.  I’m getting no joy out of any of this.  The Seahawks are bad, but not terrible.  My fantasy team is crippled by injuries & underperforming San Diego Chargers.  I lost my Eliminator because Baltimore couldn’t beat the Jags on Monday night.  I’m treading middle-of-the-road water in my Pick ‘Em league because I’m a moron.  I have to watch two terrible AFC teams I don’t give two shits about fight over the rights to Andrew Luck.  AND, we’re not even halfway done yet!  With ANY of it!  I just want to lose my money and figure out where the Seahawks are picking so I can bone up on all the quarterbacks we’re NOT going to draft because I live in Sports Hell.

You don’t care about any of this, though.  You came here to read some thoughts on the Cowboys/Seahawks game.  Here’s a little tidbit:  the Cowboys are PROBABLY going to win.  How do you like that?  The Seahawks are going to continue to rush the ball VERY poorly, they’re going to suffer drops from their highly-paid wide receivers and tight ends, they’re going to somehow score SOME points in defiance of God’s will, but they’re going to lose by … let’s say 12.  33-21, how does that sound?  If I’m right, I want you all to send one dollar to Happy Dude, 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield.

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