Huskies Look For First Win Against A Ranked Opponent Tomorrow

I don’t have a terribly large amount of time today, so this one’s going to be quick.

The Huskies play at USC tomorrow.  I can sit here and tell you:  the Huskies are due, the Huskies have played USC tough the past two years and beaten them both times, the Huskies have generally bounced back strong from losses, etc. etc. etc.  I can do that, but let’s face it:  you know and I know that it’s VERY unlikely that the Huskies are going to win this game tomorrow.

I’ve let myself be talked into Nebraska, Stanford and Oregon as possibilities to shock the world and every time I’ve landed right on my ass.  Yes, the defense has been pretty indefensible, but the offense (aside from the Nebraska game, I guess) has arguably been worse.

We scored three touchdowns in Stanford, two of those off of long runs ripped off by Chris Polk.  Otherwise, we pretty much failed to move the ball at all in that game.  Against Oregon – AT HOME – we were even worse on offense, only generating 17 points and unable to rip off ANY quality runs.  This offense, which we’ve been lauding all season as being super balanced and super effective, has been a collosal letdown in every big game we’ve had so far this season.

If they don’t get off the blocks in a hurry tomorrow, I would expect more of the same against ranked opponents.  We dig ourselves a hole with poor defense and we help the other team fill that hole thanks to our poor offense.

My kingdom for a shootout!

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