I’m Officially Through Being Surprised By The Seahawks

Beat the Ravens, but lose to Cincy?  Beat the Giants, but lose to Cleveland?  Rack up 28 against Atlanta and 0 against Pittsburgh?  Fuck it, I’m game!

I don’t know what’s more shocking:  how the Seahawks are 3-6 right now, or the fact that this weekend was the first time the NFC West went 4-0 in the same weekend since realignment in 2002.  I’d probably go with the 4-0 weekend, but it would be neck and neck.

There’s a lot of cool shit to take away from yesterday’s game, first and foremost Beastmode being Beastmode.  And that, of course, takes us to an ever-improving offensive line.  THIS is what we were hoping to see:  a young line making a bunch of starts in a row and growing as a cohesive unit.  Of course, since this is a Seattle team, there can’t be ANY good without a healthy dose of bad (in this case:  John Moffitt is done for the season).  That’s kind of a pisser, but at least he got to play a half season; this is Seattle, it could ALWAYS be worse.

On the defensive side of the ball, we got a pick and generally made life miserable for Joe Flacco.  The secondary is REALLY coming along!  I like the whole mentality we’ve got going on; rough-housing the other teams, forcing their receivers off their intended routes, just generally being BIGGER than most receivers.

At this point, I’m going to stop worrying about our draft position until we actually have the number locked in.  The way this team is playing, it’s OBVIOUSLY not going to be a number where it needs to be anyway, so why fight it?  Now, I just want to see the O-Line continue to improve, the defense continue to shine, the kicker continue to make field goals, and maybe Tarvar have a career-ending injury so I’m not stuck with him next season.

That CAN’T be too much to ask!

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