The Huskies Are The Best Of The Second-Tier In The Pac-12

That’s pretty much all we learned this weekend.  There’s Oregon, Stanford, USC, and that’s it.  In the Second-Tier, we have the Huskies, Arizona State, Cal, & Utah.  And the bottom tier has UCLA (not buying their 4-3 conference record for one second), Wazzu, Oregon State, Arizona, and Colorado.

It’s just a shame we don’t get to face ASU this year, because I know we could beat their asses.  Who loses to UCLA and Wazzu back to back???

Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot to say about Saturday afternoon.  Just another game against a clearly-superior football team where we came out flat and never recovered.  And, I’m sorry, but for as bad as the defense has been in these games, the offense has REALLY let me down!  I don’t know if the schools are figuring out Sark’s playcalling or if the players aren’t executing, but I didn’t see a whole lot out of the coaching staff this weekend.  USC is a school we’ve clearly proven (under Sark) that we can handle.  To look the way we looked on Saturday, it’s a total fucking disgrace!  Football is a game of adjustments, and thus far in these Big Games, the Huskies have been completely unable to adjust to what the other team is throwing at us.

On the plus side, I think we can put to rest this nonsense of Matt Barkley being better than Andrew Luck.  Consider me elated that the Seahawks are playing their way out of a Top 10 pick, because if that’s where Barkley is destined to land, I don’t want ANY part of him on my professional football team!

As for the Huskies, it’s time to finish the season strong.  There’s no shame in beating the teams you’re supposed to beat (so long as you beat ALL the teams you’re supposed to beat).  The Huskies are SUPPOSED to beat Oregon State and Washington State.  Anything short of 8-4 (when we started the season 6-2) will have to be considered a failure.  Sure, at the beginning of the season, I think everyone would’ve been glad to just go back to a bowl game; but after the start this team had, just being 6-6 or 7-5 would be a huge disappointment.

By the way, can we PLEASE start Nick Montana now?  I’m not calling for a quarterback change the way most people do; I’m not dissatisfied with Keith Price’s play.  I’m just tired of watching a hobbled quarterback get tossed around like a fucking ragdoll when he’s CLEARLY not fit to be playing bigtime college football right now!

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