Nick Montana Starts!

There’s an intrigue to this game where before there was none.

I hope I see a lot of this on Saturday ...

That’s not entirely fair, but let’s face it:  this isn’t last year.  Last year, at this time, the Huskies were 4-6 and in desperation mode to win their final two to make a bowl for the first time in forever.  This year, that record is flipped and the Huskies are all but guaranteed to crack some kind of bowl game.  OK, so it’s not exactly a SURE thing, but look at it this way:  we’ve already beaten Cal and Utah, two of the other 6-win teams right now, so we’ve got a bit of a tie-breaking edge on our hands.

Anyway, I’ll just come out and say it:  I wasn’t entirely looking forward to hauling my ass out of bed on Saturday morning to watch the Huskies play football.  After the USC, Oregon, and Stanford games, I’m a LITTLE burned out by all the pisspoor performances.  The only thing I had to look forward to was stopping the skid against one of the worst teams in the conference.

But really, this is a no-win kind of situation!  If we win, yeah, we beat a 2-win team in their home stadium.  BFD.  But, if we LOSE, well by God, that’s a frightening concept worse than death!  And yet, with the way we’ve been playing, it’s VERY MUCH on the table!  We lose to Oregon State, and you might as well pen us in for 6-6 because what would lead you to believe we’d win that Apple Cup?

These are the kinds of games where the marginally better team comes out tight, makes mistakes, has a few untimely drops, and before you know it you’re in a dogfight with a pack of poodles!

So, I’m glad that Nick Montana is getting the start.  Not just because I’m tired of watching a hobbled Keith Price limp his way toward ineffectiveness, but because I genuinely want to see what Montana can do.  I’m not expecting a whole lot, but against Oregon State, I don’t think we NEED a whole lot.  Manage the game, feed it to Chris Polk about 40 or 50 times, and this should be an ugly yet hardfought win.

Nick Montana takes all the pressure off this team.  The game story going in switches from, “Will The Huskies’ Slide Continue?” to:  “Hey, Joe Montana’s Son Is Playing Big Time College Football!”  This single-handedly takes all the pressure off of the team and puts it squarely on one player.  I don’t know what’s worse, when that one player is the quarterback, but it’ll certainly be interesting if he can live up to the billing his father set.

And it means I went from ambivalent to excited to see a nothing Husky game at the end of the season.  Montana!  Be good!  Start a quarterback controversy!  Don’t cost us the game!

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