Pancakes Has Been Flattened

I JUST wrote about this a few days ago!  Promising young offensive line prospect cut down midway through the season with a debilitating injury, thereby cutting off this very valuable game experience he’s going to miss.  It would’ve been one thing if Moffitt was lost, but we still had 16 games with James Pancakes Carpenter.  In theory, the additional time with Pancakes would’ve meant that he’d be ahead of Moffitt, which would mean he could help cover up whatever deficiencies Moffitt has next season by missing all these games.  But NO, this is Seattle and we have to lose BOTH of our early draft picks!  From a position that has not only been terrible for the last five years, but has been the most injury-prone in all of football!

And you wonder why I’m finished with football this season.  Is it possible to be MORE disappointed in a season?  We’re not making the playoffs, we’re not getting a Top 5 pick, we’re PROBABLY not getting a Top 10 pick either, and now we’re not getting the kind of experience across our offensive line that we need to one day (like, next year), make this front a formidable one.

In one week, we lose two key guys for the season.  And what’s our reward as fans?  Getting to watch Seattle and St. Louis play football.  This game is going to be more of a disaster than Metallica and Lou Reed making an album together.

Short post today.  It’s Friday.  Go get loaded or something.

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