Greg Halman Is Dead

It always sucks when people you like die; that’s just a given.  It’s always a little different when they’re a celebrity of sorts.

Obviously, in this situation you’ve got a guy who – by all acounts – was really an awesome person.  That trumps everything else and you can’t help but feel shattered for the loss of his close friends and family.  As a fan of the Mariners, and a fan of Greg Halman, I don’t have that deep sense of personal pain.  But, that doesn’t mean it’s still not a shock.  Doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt.

Greg Halman the baseball player was an up-and-comer.  A super-talented, super-athletic outfielder who could play all three spots.  He had speed, he had power, and the only reason he was an up-and-comer as opposed to a guy who’d officially Made It is because he struck out a little too often and he walked a little too few and far between.  He was what’s known as “Toolsy”.  He had all of the skills to make it big in the Big Leagues; all he needed to do was develop an eye at the plate and he would’ve been there.

It’s just such a damn shame because I liked him more than the rest of our outfield prospect glut (which includes Trayvon Robinson, Casper Wells, Michael Saunders, Carlos Peguero, Mike Wilson, and Mike Carp).  He had more power than anyone except, arguably, Peguero; he had the best ability to hit the ball the other way and still hit it out; and his defensive skills were only outmatched by, arguably, Michael Saunders, who had more experience because he was given more of a shot.  I figured if there was a chance for any of these guys to stick and make an impact in the outfield (considering I feel Carp is more of a first baseman or DH), it most likely would’ve been Halman (followed by Wells, then probably Robinson).

This one hurts.  It hurts because the team is weaker for it, but most importantly it hurts because a good person was cut down in his prime.  He had so much more to give.  The world is worse off for having Halman out of it.

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