Huskies Are 6-5, Losing Grip On An Erstwhile Great Season

All right, now I’m pissed.

I’m not pissed at any specific person; I’m just pissed in general.  Remember how I was talking last week about not really giving a shit about this Oregon State game until I heard that Nick Montana was getting the start?  Because we have our bowl eligibility and all that already wrapped up?  About how it might even be a struggle to care about the Apple Cup?

Yeah, forget all of that now.  That’s what happens when you lose a game you’re supposed to win.  Now, every single game hereafter I’m going into with the rabid ferocity I had going into that Nebraska game earlier in the season when we were hoping to go 3-0.

I want blood.

I want to take out every last one of our frustrations on a Cougar team that has no business doing anything other than sniffing our jock straps.  I want this seventh win like it’s a freshly baked apple pie and I’ve been starving in a desert for the past week.  I want to crush them by 50; I want to run up the score even after the game is well in hand.  I want to sprain the ankle of their third string quarterback.  I want Paul Wulff’s head on a stake in my front yard.

I want them to suffer for what I had to witness two days ago.

And, like I said, I’m not really mad at any one person.  There were mistakes to go around, on all fronts.  Austin Seferian-Jenkins dropping what would’ve been the go-ahead touchdown; dropping the easiest, most wide open go-ahead touchdown I’ve ever seen.  Sark seemingly abandoning the run (or, at the very least, not calling the right running plays – if I never see a handoff from a shotgun ever again, it’ll be too soon).  Keith Price trying to jam a pass into the endzone on first down after we’d just recovered a kickoff return fumble when there was still plenty of time on the clock while we were down only ten points.

And, of course, the defense.  Nick Holt’s defense.  I’ve been defending the guy all year, pleading for the university to give him another year or two to get the ship righted with his guys.  That’s not going to change.  There’s a talent deficiency on this team that isn’t his fault.  He’s starting to get some more talented players in here, but it’s still going to take time.  As I’ve said before, it’s much easier to throw a bunch of freshmen on offense at the skill positions and start paying dividends right away.  You can’t necessarily do that on defense and expect to get away with it.  You need depth, you need leadership, and most of all you need experience on defense.  We don’t have any of it.  That’s not Nick Holt’s fault.  And this loss shouldn’t be his final straw.  I want him back next year and I’m willing to stake my entire reputation as a sports fan on him turning things around.

I also, for the record, want to go as Nick Holt for Halloween next year, so we’re going to need that costume idea to be somewhat relevant.

This game really could’ve been something.  If just a few things go our way:  the drop, for instance; or the interception in the endzone.  If just a FEW things go our way, we make a brilliant comeback and head into the Apple Cup 7-4.

Now, we’re 6-5.  My God sir, I will not abide another toe!

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