Seahawks Are 4-6, Giving Hope Where None Should Be Given

This game was the one predictable thing the Seahawks have done in a year where up is down, black is white, and dogs & cats are living together in righteous harmony.  So, OF COURSE I predicted the Seahawks would lose to an inferior St. Louis team?  Why WOULDN’T they???

Well, they didn’t because I think everyone has been overestimating Sam Bradford’s value as a starting quarterback in this league.  Based on last year – which was an OK season for a rookie, but not really all that spectacular – I think too many people pegged Bradford as the Class of the NFC West and one of the rising stars of the NFL.  He very well could be, but I think it’s still too early to anoint him as anything more than a struggling second-year quarterback.

As for the Seahawks, it’s all about this fabulous, wonderful defense!  5 sacks, 7 QB hits, 2 forced fumbles, an interception by Red Bryant of all people, 42 yards of total rushing, 185 net yards total … just a thorough dismantling.  A thorough dismantling of a team that’s not very good.

Which means this is a 4-6 Seahawks team right now.  That makes us currently the ninth best team in the NFC (tied with Philly & Tampa).  If I were an insane human being, I would say this:

Green Bay & San Francisco look to have the top two playoff slots wrapped up.  New Orleans has the inside track for the 3-seed, and it’s a toss-up between Dallas and the Giants for the 4-seed (though, for the sake of argument, everyone in Seattle will be rooting hard for Dallas to win the East, because we have a tiebreaker over the Giants based on head-to-head).  That leaves Detroit (not so good as of late) and Chicago (who just lost Cutler for the year) at 7-3, and Atlanta at 6-4 (who has a tiebreaker over us, because our kicker can’t make a 70 yard field goal).

Even if the Bears fall apart, and we somehow scratch and claw our way to a tie with the Giants, we would either need to take the tiebreaking lead over Detroit, or we would need Atlanta to fall off the rails for us to sneak in as a 6-seed destined to lose in the first round.  An interesting note:  the Seahawks and the Lions are tied in conference losses with three apiece.  They are 5-3, we are 3-3; they play the Packers twice, at New Orleans, and at home vs. Minnesota.

For as much as I hate dreaming about these types of silly scenarios when we still have 6 games to go in the season, wouldn’t it be something if the NFC West somehow managed to grab two of the six playoff spots in the NFC?

Why am I talking about this?  Because while a 4-6 record isn’t all that impressive, it precedes a three-game homestand with three very winnable games:  Washington, Philly, and St. Louis again.  Any team hoping to make the playoffs with a 4-6 starting record HAS to win all three of those games.  What makes it even more interesting is the Philly game (by far the most difficult of the three) takes place on a Thursday (meaning:  both teams have limited rest).  Also:  if Mike Vick can’t go, that just might make things even MORE interesting!

If I were going to look further ahead in my quest for lunatic theories, I could tell you the game after that homestand is at Chicago (who, again, just lost Cutler for the season).  That is followed by the 49ers at home (a definite must-win against a team that just might be resting its starters for a playoff run).  Then, the season ends in Arizona, who called us soft whenever we play them in Arizona after the last time we met.

At this point, it looks like we’re probably an 8-8 or a 7-9 team, if I had to make an ambiguous guess.  I could see us going 4-2 in these last six games, maybe blowing it against the Eagles and Bears or something stupid like that.  But, even though it’s idiotic to have hope at a time like this … going 6-0 the rest of the way isn’t a TOTAL reach.

The Redskins are fucking awful.  The Eagles have underperformed all season long.  The Rams are fucking awful.  The Bears are good, but will be working with a green QB.  The 49ers are good, but they’re still not all that different from last year’s team, they’ll be playing us here in Seattle, AND Alex Smith.  And, of course, the Cardinals are fucking awful.  That makes three games against fucking awful opponents, one game against a bad team that was supposed to be good, and two games that are total wild cards and could go either way.  That’s what we know right now.

What we don’t know are the future injury situations.  FYI:  the replacements on the right side of our offensive line look like the most uncoordinated white assholes I’ve ever seen.  We’re down to the very last nub on cornerbacks.  Our backup quarterback is Charlie Whitehurst.  And we’re one Red Bryant ACL tear from being terrible against the run again.  All of this “hope” that we’re experiencing right now could just as easily be dashed by fluke injuries as well as our regular, healthy team as a whole simply underperforming against teams we should rightly beat.

It’s a tenuous hold.  If I were you, I would refrain from dreaming too hard on this one.  Wait until we’re 7-6 (and when a couple of those other NFC teams fall to the pack a little bit) before you go hog-wild with your excitement.  This is Seattle, after all.  Disappointment is only an instant away.

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