Apple Cup Preview

Aside from our wounded pride, there are still some interesting things about this year’s Apple Cup.

First and foremost being:  is this Paul Wulff’s last game as a head coach of the Cougs?  Win or lose, his job is in severe jeopardy, but I gotta think if the Huskies prevail, he is 100% fired.  On the flipside, if the Cougars prevail … who knows?  He might be playing for his job on Saturday.  Doesn’t mean a whole lot to the Huskies, but I gotta think if his players still give a damn about him, they’ll be busting their asses like nobody’s business.

Another story is Chris Polk.  It’s impossible to figure out exactly how many yards Napoleon Kaufman has as the number 1 Husky running back (every site I’ve checked so far has a different number), but I think it’s safe to say that Polk is within 300 yards.  Yeah, that’s a lot, but don’t forget his HUGE game in last year’s Apple Cup.  I don’t see why he couldn’t take the All Time Husky Rushing lead as well as the All Time Single Game Rushing lead in one fell swoop.

Another interesting wrinkle to this game is Bowl slotting.  If the Huskies lose, we’ll be 6-6 and 4-5 in the conference.  That would put us behind Utah, behind UCLA, and either behind Cal or Arizona State (who play one another).  THAT would put us squarely in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on December 31st against Army.  I suppose that would be okay for Husky fans living in San Francisco (which hosts the bowl), but it’s kind of a slap in the face for Husky fans who were hoping for something a little more.

A win, however, puts us at 7-5 and 5-4 in conference.  That puts us ahead of Cal, tied with Arizona State (or better than Arizona State if Cal finds a way to win), better than UCLA (pending their loss at USC this weekend) and tied with Utah in conference record (though, a game behind them in overall record pending their victory over Colorado).  If the bowls choose by conference record, a win could put us as high as the 3rd bowl (which would be the Holiday Bowl again).

Maybe it’s the homer in me, but I can’t see the Huskies dropping this game.  Oh, who am I kidding; of COURSE I can see it happening!  It almost happened LAST season!  Remember that 4th quarter when the Cougs were moving the ball up and down the field?  Remember when they were about to tie it up before the miracle interception?

Remember the last five games when we gave up nearly 42 points per game, including an embarrassing 38 to Oregon State last week?

Yeah, this defense is VERY capable of sucking about 90 bags of dicks on Saturday.  The question is:  will our offense figure it the fuck out and give us the shootout we’ve so desperately needed the last three weeks?

I think so.  I HOPE so.  I can’t handle another loss to a team we should beat.

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