An Excellent Apple Cup Experience Tainted By CenturyLink Field

I don’t know, exactly, where this animosity comes from.  Maybe part of it is the name change from Qwest (I am not coming around on CenturyLink or CLink anytime soon).  Maybe it’s because there’s too strong of an association with professional football and futbol being played there.  Or maybe it’s because I think it’s a little too clean & sterile of a place to watch a game.  I don’t know.  All I know is that it feels totally shitty to watch a college football game in what was once known as Qwest Field.

Maybe it’s because it isn’t Husky Stadium and it never will be.

Whatever the reason, I went into that game on Saturday resenting the fact that I had to watch that particular game in that particular location.  And my experience there did nothing to dissuade my perspective.

You know what I hate probably more than anything else when I go to a live sporting event?  Over-policing of the fans by stupid fucking ushers who are just doing their jobs.  It’s one thing if there’s a huge fight in the middle of a section.  Or some douche is throwing food at people.  I get that!  Come over here, break up the fight, kick out the assholes.  But to make some guy move just because he’s standing and cheering loudly for his team … that’s bullshit.

It’s another reason why I hate going to games at CenturyLink.  Unless you’re in the endzone seats (which are crap, because the view sucks), or if you’re down at the lower field level (which are too fucking expensive for the likes of me), NOBODY is standing!  There are certain events – like football games, and rock n’ roll shows – where standing enhances the experience.  It engages you more with the action in front of you.  It helps keep you focused on the subject at hand.  And when you leave, all tired and stiff, you FEEL like you’ve experienced something significant!

If I wanted to sit and watch a football game, I would sit at home and watch a football game.

So, these dickheads who essentially kick this guy out because he’s standing and clapping and cheering on his team – by tattling on him to the ushers who have to follow these ridiculous rules that have been set up by the family-friendly higher-ups – they make me want to wretch!  Let him stand and cheer!  If you don’t like it, if it rubs you the wrong way, then DO something about it.  But do it like grown fucking men and not like little pussy infants.

Stand the fuck up and drown him out with cheering of your own!  It’ll be all the sweeter when, in the end, your team wins 38-21.  When you get to watch him sit and sulk for those last 5-10 minutes of game action.

Yeah, did I mention that the guy who got kicked out was a Coug?  Because he was.  And I still found it to be a bullshit thing to do.  He was doing nothing wrong, except annoying the wrong tight-assed Husky fans at the wrong fucking time.

I can’t wait until football is back in good ol’ Husky Stadium.  Where I can find a place to stand for a reasonable price and where opposing fans are dealt with in a reasonable manner:  by Dawg fans cursing them until we’re hoarse and spitting blood.

I won’t be buying season tickets to the CenturyLink games next year.  Sorry.  I don’t think I can handle this same exact experience 6-or-so times next year.  Maybe I’ll scalp to a couple games, but I’m not making any promises.

As for the Apple Cup itself, what can I say?  The Cougs are awful, Keith Price looked great, and I can’t wait until Kasen Williams is our Number 1 receiver, because that guy is the most beastly receiver I’ve seen since Reggie.

Later in the week I’ll talk about bowls and potential matchups and such.  After I get the taste of the CLink out of my mouth …

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