Thursday NFL Games Are Stupid

I kinda left the blog hanging the last couple days, so let me make it up with a couple/few posts.

Like the title states:  Thursday games are stupid.  First of all, nobody ASKED for Thursday games!  We get an entire day of football games on Sunday (from 10am thru approximately 8:30pm with relatively little break in between; we’re talking about 10 1/2 hours!) and the premiere game of the week on Monday.  I don’t know about most people, but for me:  that’s enough.

AND, if you’re a fan of the college game – or if you’re just a football junkie – well guess what!  You get a WHOLE day on Saturday too!  You could do nothing else with your weekend but eat, sleep, and watch football if you so desired!  Then, have a little hangover contest on Monday!

The only Thursday games we should be having are the Thanksgiving games because, seriously, what would Thanksgiving be without football?  Sitting around spending time with your family, cramming yet another game of Phase 10 down everyone’s throats until you all wish you were dead!  THAT’S what it would be without football!

Other than Thanksgiving:  sorry, but there’s no point.

My main gripe is that you’re only giving these players three measly days to recover.  That isn’t NEARLY enough time!  And Monday’s an obvious Off Day, because you can’t play an entire football game on Sunday and then turn around and start banging pads on Monday.  That only gives your team TWO days to prepare!  Then again, you’re not exactly going to run your team through an extensive, hit-filled practice the day before a game, so in reality you’re talking about ONE DAY!  One day to prepare your bodies for a game that’s going to count against your regular season schedule.

That isn’t even taking into account how often these Thursday games are the WORST games of the week!  You couldn’t possibly know before the season whether or not you’re going to get two good teams playing one another on this featured, nationally-televised game.  That shouldn’t even be expected.  Yet, year after year, we have blowout after blowout because one of the teams who were SUPPOSED to be good ended up falling off a cliff of sucktitude.  Why would you expose your product in such a negative light?

Picking Monday Night matchups is one thing.  Yeah, some of them are bad matchups because they suffer very similar pitfalls.  But, creating a Thursday game of the week just doubles your odds of having ANOTHER bad matchup.  At least the Sunday Night game of the week lets NBC flex games out that aren’t worth a damn in favor of sexier contests.  No way you could do that for a Thursday game; you’ve got to give teams proper notice for those kinds of things!  Not necessarily true if you’re swapping an afternoon game for a night game.

The worst case scenario for Thursday Night games is what we have here tonight.  Philly at Seattle.  You can see why this game was scheduled as a featured game before the season:  Philly was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender; and Seattle was coming off of a playoff victory at home and (at the time) you could’ve thought that MAYBE Matt Hasselbeck would be back in the fold, making this a contest of two potential playoff teams.  Instead, you’ve got two 4-7 teams going absolutely NOWHERE.  Your only marquee player – Mike Vick – is out with injury.  There are a whole bunch of other starters suffering varying degrees of injury.  What was once Vick vs. Hasselbeck is now Vince Young vs. Tarvar With A Torn Pec.  Talk about your pieces of crap!  This game has it all NONE!

And that leads me to my final gripe with the Thursday games.  We’re in Week 13 of the NFL season.  Teams are battered.  The players have been killing themselves for over half a season.  Not one regular starting NFL player can be considered anywhere near 100%.  In baseball, this would be the Dog Days Of Summer.  The absolute toughest time to play football, because there are enough teams still mathematically alive that almost all of the teams are still playing at their hardest; but they’re all banged up to high heaven.

Knowing this:  the NFL is STILL making teams play Thursday games.  STILL stripping them of days of recovery because they want to make a buck and sell their God-foresaken network that nobody’s willing to pay for because they’re trying to charge a fucking arm and a leg.  It’s the sickest form of money-grubbing I’ve ever seen in professional sports.  There’s no point to have these Thursday games except the NFL is run by a bunch of pricks.  And nobody seems to care.

Well, I care, and I think it’s horseshit.  We need to get rid of these Thursday games to preserve the sanctity and the purity of the game.  This is just another case of the NFL pretending to care about the health of its players, only to leave them gasping for air, choking under the weight of another buck made by the league that exploits them.

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