The Mariners Are Getting F’d In The A

I can’t believe the Angels signed Pujols.  This is absolutely unREAL!

I remember in 2004 when the Angels signed Vlad; it was probably the worst day of my life.  That’s only a SLIGHT exaggeration!  Over the next six seasons, he earned every cent of that $82 million deal just by being the single greatest Mariner killer who ever lived.  And why didn’t we get him?  I’m sure we would’ve ponied up the dough – in fact, we did less than a year later with Sexson and Beltre (two guys combined who didn’t come close to what Vlad did by himself) – but in the end it had to have been the years.

The Mariners FOREVER have been one of those teams who have been more than reluctant to give out anything beyond four year deals.  Which means we’ve been stuck with an endless string of Washburns and Figgins’s and Sexsons.

You know what?  It’s a gamble!  It’s ALWAYS a gamble!  Giving a guy anything more than a ONE year deal is a gamble!  But, sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet and take the plunge.  Be open to making a mistake, just so long as you’re willing to do what it takes to compensate for that mistake later (instead of tucking your tail between your legs and reverting back to your penny-pinching ways).

Yes, at his age, signing Pujols for 10 years and $250 million is pretty idiotic.  He’ll be in his early 40s when it’s all over, and when have we ever seen a guy worth upwards of $25 million per year in his 40s?

But, you know what?  It’s not out of the question for Pujols to keep producing at a high level for 5 of those years!  And if he’s the missing piece to their puzzle, wouldn’t you pay that kind of money if it means a World Series championship or two in the next five years?  If it means being in the playoffs in each of those five years?  If it means always being in contention, having your ballpark sold out every night, having the national media talk about you all the time?

These are the kinds of things nobody thinks about after you’ve had a 100-loss season with a $100 million-plus payroll.  When THAT happens, everyone freaks the fuck out!  They overcompensate by saying things like, “Nobody is worth that kind of money!”  Hell, I’VE said that on many an occasion!  And to an extent, it’s true:  no one man is worth $250 million.  Even if he’s the single best hitter in each of those 10 seasons, he’s still not worth all of THAT.

But, if he’s the final piece.  If he’s able to build up those hitting around him.  If he takes your team from 85 wins to 95 wins and makes them a World Series contender, can you really put a price tag on what that’s worth?

I know if I had the money, and I was the owner of the Mariners, I’d shell out whatever it took to put us over the top.  I’d buy EVERY God damned free agent and I’d cut them the instant they started looking like they’ve lost a step!  But, I don’t have that kind of money, and I’m not the owner of the Mariners.  Some fucking corporation owns the Mariners and they run them strictly like a business.

It’s a disgrace.  We should’ve had Prince Fielder signed WEEKS ago!  And we should’ve padded this roster with a bunch of other studs too!  Instead, we’re making back-alley deals for minor leaguers in hopes that one day we might swap them for something useful.  Fat fucking chance.

We’re currently MUCH worse than both the Angels and Rangers.  Happy fucking 2012 everyone!  Enjoy your fucking losers!

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