The Seahawks & The 9-7 Logjam

I know I meant to say that I wasn’t going to get sucked back into the notion of the Seahawks making the playoffs, but that was before I watched the NFL last weekend.

  • The Falcons, playing against a third string quarterback, went into Houston and LOST; looking horrible in the process.
  • The Lions might as well have not even showed up to New Orleans in the way they got throttled.
  • The Bears hosted the Chiefs and Tyler Palko, then proceeded to give up a Hail Mary and score only 3 points.
  • The Giants actually looked good in losing a nailbiter to the Packers, but they’re still 6-6 and one more defeat from losing a tiebreaker to us.

I’m not gonna lie to you, this playoffs thing is VERY much on the table!

There’s no question the Bears fall apart, so consider them done.  I’m more than a little confident that the Giants lose at least once more (2 games against Dallas sandwiching games with Washington and the Jets).  That just leaves the struggling Lions (2-5 in their last seven games) and the wildly inconsistent Falcons (who, until last week, were beating the teams they were supposed to beat and losing to anyone remotely good).

I don’t think there’s any way we take the spot of the Falcons, because they’d have to go 1-3 the rest of the way (which, in all likelihood, would mean that Matt Ryan would have to be knocked out for the year in the first quarter against the Panthers this week), but I DO think there’s an outside chance of them going 2-2 and falling to 9-7.  Logjam Member #1.

That pretty much just leaves the Lions.  At the moment, they are 5-5 in the NFC (the Seahawks are 4-4, one game better in the loss column).  That’s a HUGE advantage for the Seahawks (if we can win out).  Meaning:  we need the Lions to somehow go 2-2.  This week they host Minnesota; not the easiest game in the world, but probably a game the Lions will take.  Then, they play the Chargers and the Raiders.  Those will be HUGE games, if you’re a Seahawks fan.  Raider game is in Oakland, so that’s a plus (forces Detroit to go west, up against a decent defense, a good running game, and hopefully a not-entirely-worthless Carson Palmer).  Charger game is in Detroit, but the Chargers are ostensibly a better team than the Raiders (especially in the month of December, where Norv Turner wins back his job every year).  How odd is it that the fate of the Seahawks’ playoff chances lies in two contests against AFC West opponents?  Week 17 is in Green Bay.  Hard to imagine they play their starters for more than a quarter.  At that point, gotta hope for some freaky weather or some really opportunistic defense.  Not too likely.  What is likely, I believe, are the chances for the Lions to end up 9-7.  Logjam Member #2.

I’m pretty confident the Giants aren’t going to lose both games to the Cowboys (especially considering that performance last week against the Cards); but it’s not crazy to think they’ll be 1-1 in those games.  BUT, let’s say they do beat Dallas twice; looks pretty grim, right?  Not so fast.  I still like the Jets to steamroll down the stretch.  And, let’s face it, the Redskins could just as easily surprise this Giants team as anybody.  Either way, bank on the Giants losing one more time to be Logjam Member #3.

So, what happens if the Giants beat the Cowboys twice and steal the division at 9-7?  That means the Seahawks are fucked, right?  After all, we lost to them in week 9, so there’s our tiebreaker advantage down the toilet.  Well, not so fast.  Losing to the Giants twice (including in Week 17) means that they would have 7 losses.  Their other games are @ Tampa and vs. Philly.  In this unlikely scenario, I still like the chances of the Cowboys ending up 8-8 and missing out on being a Logjam Member.

The Bears are currently 7-5 and a total lost cause.  They’ll most likely lose to Denver, they WILL lose to the Seahawks, and after that it’s all academic.  They go on to play in Green Bay and in Minnesota the last two weeks.  If I had to put money down, I’d say they end up 7-9, but you never know.  They could make Tebow look ridiculous and then blow their shot at the playoffs in Minnesota, making them Logjam Member #5 … yeah, probably not, but it’s possible!

That just leaves the Seahawks.  Monday night, we host the Rams.  Next week, we go to Chicago and take what’s rightfully ours.  Week after that we host the 49ers who will be playing for pretty much nothing.  Week after THAT we go to Arizona and make them our bitch.  Bing, bang, bong, boom:  Logjam Member #6.

Quite the logjam indeed.  And one that puts the Falcons and the Seahawks into the playoffs.  Let’s DO THIS!

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