Seahawks Playoff Watch Update

So, going into the weekend, the Falcons, Lions, Bears, and Cowboys were 7-5, with the Giants resting at 6-6.  Meanwhile, the Seahawks were 5-7 and heading into probably their easiest game of the season.  Let’s see how the weekend went.


I never was holding out much hope for the Falcons, due to the fact they have the tiebreaker on us, they’re legitimately better than us, and they have an easier schedule than us the rest of the way.  Nevertheless, it took 24 unanswered points in the second half of that game against the Panthers last Sunday for them to pull out an 8-point victory.  I don’t know how they did it (while holding Carolina completely scoreless for the last 30 minutes), but the Falcons are now 8-5 and would have to lose out to be passed by the Seahawks.  With home games against Tampa and Jacksonville still on the docket, I wouldn’t count on it.


The Lions jumped out to a huge first half lead on the Vikings, then proceeded to hold on for dear life as the game ended with Minnesota near the goalline, down only 6 points.  Apparently, there was a blatant facemask penalty that would’ve given the Vikings one more shot, but what are you gonna do?  Too bad, that would’ve been a HUGE help for the Seahawks.  Instead, Detroit is 8-5 and we’re REALLY hoping for Oakland and San Diego to come through big.  Something tells me Oakland has the offense to make it interesting, but my gut says Detroit is just a better football team.  Still, it would be nice if they were swept by the Bay Area teams this season.


Sadly, the team most likely to not make the playoffs is the only team who actually lost for us last weekend.  You remember, the Bears are the latest in a long line of teams who have been Tebow’d this season.  It’s like blacking out at the bar only to find out the following morning you drove all the way home and everything is in one piece:  you don’t know how the fuck it happened, you couldn’t possibly explain how it happened the way it did, you’re too embarrassed to talk about it, and you pretty much want to forget all about it come the following weekend when you’re back at the bar.  So, the Bears are 7-6 and as soon as we beat them this weekend, they will cease to be an issue.  Moving on.

New York @ Dallas

Even though I know we need Dallas to come through for us, I could sense going into that game that the Giants would find a way.  Or, rather, the Cowboys would find a way to fuck things up.  BOY, did they ever NOT disappoint!  So, now both teams are 7-6, looking like they both have sets of greasy hands trying to grasp this terrible division.  At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Giants end up 10-6 or 7-9.  Ditto Dallas.  You never can tell what you’re going to get with these teams!  The Giants put up a hell of a fight against Green Bay, but the week before they look like a high school team against the Saints!  Dallas beats up on the Bills by 37 points, then they go and lose to the Cardinals!  I don’t fucking know how to explain it.  We’ll have a good idea if these teams are bad if they lose this weekend (Giants host Washington; Dallas goes to Tampa).  We’ll have a better idea if these teams are going to give us grief in two weeks (Giants play Jets; Dallas hosts Philly).  Those are considerably more difficult matchups (even though both teams are playing in their home stadia).

In the meantime, all we can do is take care of business.  This is certainly a lot more fun than talking about who’s going to end up with Andrew Luck!

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