Why I Have Very Little Confidence In The Seahawks Winning This Sunday

You wanna know why?  Because every single time I get sucked into this team one way or the other (either sucked into believing they’ll contend for a high draft pick, or sucked into believing they’ll contend for the playoffs), they proceed to FUCK me!  It goes back to the whole unpredictability thing about this team.  They beat the Giants, they lose to the Browns.  They beat the Ravens, they lose to the Redskins.

You can see this team is getting better.  Overall, we’re a deeper, more talented team.  The defense is coming on strong with huge performances in three of the last four games.  The offensive line is jelling even as we’re losing linemen hand-over-fist to season-ending injuries.  That’s a sign of good coaching, plain and simple.  From Carroll on down to Bradley and Cable, and even further down to whoever runs the secondary, the linebackers, and the running backs.  We seem to be clicking at the right time.

And yet, I still can’t get that Redskins game out of my head!  Tarvar reverted back to his usual Tarvar-self.  Our defense was getting burned left and right.  Our running game wasn’t nearly as dominant as it has been lately.  We blew that game, plain and simple.  We were coming off of an easy win in St. Louis and we were looking at three straight home games against very-beatable opponents.  And right off the bat!  Pow, our hopes were dashed.  By the fucking REDSKINS!  We were 4-6 going into that game.  We SHOULD be 7-6 now.  The ‘Skins are a terrible team, we caught the Eagles at the perfect time, and the Rams are one of the worst teams in football.  Just THINK of how excited we would all be if things went according to plan!

And, in an instant, that plan was ruined.  Oh sure, we’re still mathematically alive, but does anyone REALLY believe we’re going to take this thing all the way to Week 17 with a chance at cracking the playoffs?  Wouldn’t it be MUCH more plausible if we blew it right off the bat against the Bears?  Falling to 6-8, with yet another team ahead of us in the tiebreaker?  Doesn’t that just FEEL like the way it’s going to go down?  Then, we blow the minds of the 49ers at home, followed by winning a hard-fought battle down in Arizona to finish 8-8 … you know, the stupid way?

I know what you’re thinking.  The Bears couldn’t look any worse right now.  They were one of the very best teams in football, really clicking on all cylinders, and then they lost their starting quarterback followed by their Pro Bowl running back.  What was a great team – with nothing to write home about as far as receivers are concerned – is now a terrible offensive team with no hope in sight.  They couldn’t muster any more than 3 points against the Chiefs (in Soldier Field, no less), and they could only get 10 against Denver before absolutely falling apart. 

I get all that!  But, is Caleb Hanie any worse than Rex Grossman?  And, not for nothin’, but Marion Barber hasn’t been used a whole lot this season, so you know he’s fresh at the very least.  Yeah, he had his miscues last week, but he was still running hard and running effectively before he got Tebow’d.

And don’t discount the power of a great defense, at home, in the cold of Chicago in December.  Even though they’ve lost their last three games, all three defeats have been by 7 points or less (that KC game being the 7; that 7 being a Hail Mary caught for a touchdown).

In other words:  I wouldn’t count on Beastmode surpassing 100 yards.  I wouldn’t count on Tarvar having his best game ever.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole Seahawks offense got completely shut out!  Yeah, we put up the points against Philly and the Rams the past two weeks, but a lot of that had to do with Special Teams and Defense, with the bulk of our offensive output coming on the ground late in the game when we already had it put away.

I wouldn’t count on the Seahawks putting the Bears away anytime soon.  Don’t look now, but all this hope we’re clinging to for a mediocre football team is about to come crashing down to Earth.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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