There’s Something Wrong In Husky Basketball Land

On the plus side, this season appears to be one long Tony Wroten Show.  On the downside, nobody else on this team has chosen to participate.

I’ll say this, it’s nice to see a One & Done player actually live up to his billing (I’m looking at you, Spencer Hawes).

So, what’s wrong?  Oh, I don’t know; maybe it’s not a good idea to build half your offense around C.J. Wilcox.  Maybe Terrence Ross – while freakishly talented – just doesn’t have the drive or the discipline.  Maybe all of our heart left this team as soon as Isaiah Thomas opted to go Pro.

I dunno!  What I do know is that this team is pretty terrible right now.  We don’t have any lockdown defenders, which means the other team’s best player is eating us alive.  We don’t have any big men, so we’re regularly going to be out-boarded (especially whenever Aziz isn’t on the floor).  And aside from Wroten, we don’t have any AGGRESSIVENESS.  No one who’s willing or able to challenge other players.  Again, it comes down to heart.  IT had it last year.  Wroten has it this year.  But, Wroten’s not a leader.  He’s not a guy who’s going to make anyone around him better.  He’s clearly the best player on this team; a man among crippled little boys, and if he’s forced to carry us in these games (because guys like Wilcox and Ross go AWOL), we’re not going to get much more than the Tony Wroten Show.

And, I’m not gonna lie to you, that’s a losing show anyway you slice it.

This team is at its best when we’re pressuring the other team’s point guard, when we’re driving & dishing, and when we’re helping one another (on defense and on the offensive glass).  This team RIGHT NOW is doing none of that.

Until that changes, keep expecting games like Sunday’s.  Games where we get obliterated by inferior opponents.

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