Seahawks Playoff Watch Update #2

Going into the weekend, Atlanta & Detroit were 8-5, and the Giants, Cowboys, & Bears were 7-6.  Seattle was 6-7, clinging for dear life.


The week got off to a poor, yet unsurprising start with Atlanta ravaging Jacksonville on Thursday night.  Not much point in following Atlanta anymore, as for all intents and purposes they’ve got a slot locked up (or, at the very least, they have Seattle boxed out).  They’re 9-5 and, at worst, will be tied with us and have the tiebreaker advantage (I’m conveniently leaving out of these scenarios all talk of tiebreakers involving more than two teams, as I just don’t have the stomach to research all of that nonsense until it’s absolutely necessary).


Saturday night was a little better for the cause, since we need Dallas to win the NFC East and they WON the game against the Bucs.  Dallas is now 8-6 with a full game lead over the Giants.  Unfortunately, that’s not quite enough to proclaim them victors, as they will have to beat the Eagles (with the Giants losing to the Jets) for this race to be wrapped up.  Still, we’re THAT much closer, so that’s a good thing.

New York

Because the Giants pulled off the miracle of miracles, losing to the mighty Redskins!  I can’t say that I DIDN’T see this one coming, because the Giants are as inconsistent as they come.  Now they’re 7-7; yet another team behind the Seahawks in the Playoff Chase.


Seattle did its job!  How about that?  We now find ourselves tied with Chicago at 7-7, with the Bears all but finished.


This one killed me.  I was sitting in a bar on Sunday afternoon taking in all of the afternoon festivities.  The Oakland/Detroit game was on the TV above the bar, the Raiders had a 6-point lead late in the 4th quarter.  ALL they needed to do was stop the fucking Lions and Seattle would have its opening!  Its reason to celebrate just a LITTLE bit harder.  Cover Megatron!  TRIPLE TEAM MEGATRON!!!  Don’t let the other team’s best player beat you on your own field!!!  Ugh, just a disgusting display of pisspoor defense.  And not only that, but to have your field goal blocked as time expired!  Ye gods!  Is it too much to ask to get a clean snap and some stout blocking for two fucking seconds?  The worst part, there were some idiot Seahawks fans in the bar next to me.  They thought my miserable expression and vocal outbursts of displeasure meant I was a Raider fan.  Oh no, I explained to them.  I’m a Seahawks fan.  And anyone who knew anything about the playoff race knew that we Seahawks fans NEEDED the Raiders to not fuck things up for once in their miserable fucking lives.  What a shitshow.  Now Detroit is 9-5.  We have to rely on San Diego continuing this hot streak (not the surest of tasks) AND we have to hope Green Bay’s unmotivated backups are able to tame a hungry Lions team sniffing its first playoff action in YEARS.  I couldn’t be more dejected.  Fucking Raiders.  Fucking Megatron.

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