Young Tyee Club Moocher Goes To A Husky Basketball Game

I’m tellin’ you, those Tyees know how to throw a shindig!

I’m not a member of the Young Tyee club, but I’ve got friends who are involved.  They pay the yearly dues, they’ve got season tickets for football, and when they can they go to the events being thrown by the school.  One such event took place during the football season; you go to a building on campus, there’s free food & drink, and on this particular occasion Coach Sark stopped by for a Q&A.

Last night, there was another.  Only this time, substitute Coach Romar for Sark.

I arrived with a friend a little before 5pm & we waited for the rest of our party, who arrived within the half hour.  At around 5:30, Coach Romar stopped by, gave a little spiel (going so far as to apologize for our effort in that game against South Dakota State), and held a lengthy Q&A.  Some of the questions were awful, but some were great as well (of particular interest to me were his opinions on who his favorite players to coach were; a tie between Jon Brockman and Zane Potter).

I asked a question, but it was pretty toothless (a hardcore journalist, I am not).  I asked something along the lines of how difficult it is to replace important team leaders like IT, Justin Holiday, and the like.  Essentially, his answer was:  under normal circumstances, someone always steps up (be it Brockman, Q-Pon, IT, etc.).  Really, what I was looking for (and failed to ask) was:  who does he think will ultimately be the leader of THIS year’s team.  And also, something along the lines of:  how do players ultimately distinguish themselves as leaders (is it all due to performance on the court, or do they inevitably have to take that step behind the scenes).

Anyway, it was truly a great time.

As was the game.  BOY did we kick some motherfuckin’ ass!  Of course, that was to be expected; there was no way we were going to follow one of our very-worst games of all time by coming out flat and uninspired.  Nevertheless, the second half was sloppy as shit.  I want to say we held them to something like 4 for 25 shooting in the first half (with the bulk of their points coming at the line, as we couldn’t seem to stop fouling them).  In the second half, with the massive 30-ish point lead we generally held, it was a brutal spectacle to watch.

But, we won, and that’s what’s important.  Now, we get a week off before facing Oregon State in our Pac-12 opener at Hec-Ed next Thursday.  Time to see which Husky team we’re going to get – the team that held its own in New York against Marquette and Duke, or the team that sucked balls against South Dakota State and Nevada.

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