Seahawks Lose, Look Forward To The Draft

Even if we HAD beaten the 49ers, we were pretty much eliminated from the playoffs anyway thanks to San Diego’s egg laying job in Detroit (and also, you know, Chicago sucks).  So, if you think about it, losing yesterday Sunday Saturday was really a GOOD thing!

So, in an ideal world, the Seahawks will lose to the Cards next week.  That’ll put them ahead of us in record (8-8 vs. our 7-9).  And, if Philly and Chicago can both figure out a way to win, as well as San Diego and maybe Kansas City? … well, let’s just say those would all be good things.

As we stand now, 8 teams are guaranteed to be worse than Seattle.  There are three teams at 6-9 (Carolina, Buffalo & Kansas City) and another four teams at 7-8.  SO, if this website can be believed, it’s possible if Seattle loses and those 6-9 teams all win, we could nab a Top 10 pick in the draft (first tiebreaker among teams with the same record is lowest strength of schedule picks first).

The Chiefs play in Denver, so that could go either way.  The Bills go to New England, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.  And Carolina goes to New Orleans, again, a high improbability.

Nevertheless!  With the season firmly lost for good, our priority needs to stick with us LOSING next week!  If we win … well, that could spell bad news.  With us picking as high as 18 or so.  I’m not gonna lie to you, picking 18th would be BAD for the Seahawks!

Mostly because stupid Matt Barkley won’t stupid go into the stupid NFL Draft.  Not that I wanted him to be a Seahawk (because I don’t), but I DID want some other sap of a team to believe in him enough in the upper-tier of the draft order (someone like Jacksonville, or Cleveland, or Miami, or Washington) so a perceived-worse quarterback (someone I will surely like more than Barkley) could fall to us at wherever it is we end up drafting. 

BUT, with Barkley staying in college, that bumps everyone up a level and screws the Seahawks just a little bit more.

And, along those lines:  good LORD are there a shit-ton of NFL teams looking for quarterback solutions!  Those four teams I listed above, plus Indy, MAYBE St. Louis, MAYBE Minnesota, DEFINITELY Seattle, MAYBE Arizona … that’s upwards of 9 teams!  Granted, St. Louis, Minny, and Arizona should probably stick with who they’ve got for at least one more year before they totally give up on things … but you can’t argue with results.  St. Louis is drafting either 1st or 2nd, Minnesota is drafting PROBABLY third, and Arizona just spent a lavish amount of money & draft picks on a guy (Kolb) who brought zilch to the table.  You know you’re in bad shape when you’re having a quarterback controversy with John Skelton.

And thus beings Seahawks Death Week.  A week’s worth of posts lamenting the death of another championship-less season.  Happened MUCH later than I anticipated, as I will get to as the week goes on.

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