Appreciating Chris Polk

I’m pretty much taking this post verbatim from the Seattle Times Husky Blog, but I’d like to hang onto this information for my own records.  After all, as I noted some time before, it’s impossible to get a straight answer on the Internet as to how many yards EXACTLY Napoleon Kaufman had in his Husky career.

If this is correct, then that answer is 4,106.  Chris Polk, with 4,049 came SO CLOSE.

What might be more remarkable is his school record for carries (799) and his average yards per game (101.2).  In 21 of his 40 games, Chris Polk ran for over 100 yards; that’s remarkable because these were some bad offensive lines he played behind!  And not only was he a total workhorse, but he produced, bigtime!

Chris Polk was easily the best Husky running back I’ve ever seen, and one of the top three Huskies I’ve seen PERIOD.  I know that doesn’t say a whole lot for you longtime Husky fans out there, but for me, he will be a guy I will ALWAYS remember fondly.  And now, as he makes his way into the NFL, I’ll get to root for him on Sundays for what’s hopefully a long and successful career.

Chris Polk is a guy who wouldn’t go down.  He’s a guy who would never give up on a play.  He’s a guy who would put the entire team on his back to try to lead us to glory.  Chris Polk will be a beast in the NFL.  He’ll be a Beastmode Jr. of sorts.  I wish him nothing but the best wherever he ends up.

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