The Year In Hasselbeck

I don’t want to really get into this hypothetical argument, because it’s just inane.  Nevertheless, I’m battling a cold and I don’t have much else to do with my time.

How would the Seahawks have fared if we retained Matt Hasselbeck instead of signing Tarvaris Jackson?

Before we get too far into this, I will readily admit that the following is pure conjecture.  I have no way of knowing how well Hasselbeck would’ve played, I have no way of knowing if Hasselbeck would’ve even been healthy!  All I have are his stats from Tennessee and Tarvar’s stats here.

And the stats themselves say quite a bit.  While we can all sit back and say, “2011 was easily Tarvar’s best season to date,” I can also sit here and tell you, “2011 was Hasselbeck’s best season since 2007.”  First of all, while Hasselbeck was knocked out of a couple games (and lifted in a third for ineffectiveness), he DID start all 16 games for the 9-7 Titans.  Tarvar, by contrast, was knocked out of 1 game, missed one game, and came in in relief in a third game.  So, I’d kinda call that a wash.

Still, Hasselbeck had over 3,500 yards passing with 18 TDs and 14 picks.  Tarvar had just under 3,100 yards passing with 14 TDs and 13 picks.  The numbers clearly favor the ex-Seahawk.

And, if you look at it game-by-game, you’d have to figure Hasselbeck would’ve gotten us that Cleveland game.  Likewise, the end of that Atlanta game probably would’ve been different; you have to figure while Carroll opted to kick the field goal on 4th down with Tarvar in there, he probably would’ve let Hasselbeck try to convert to make for a shorter kick.  And you know what else?  I bet those games against the Redskins, 49ers (on Christmas Eve) and Cardinals would’ve went our way with Hasselbeck’s steady leadership late in the 4th quarters of those games.  That’s a potential 5-game swing had the Seahawks re-signed Hasselbeck!  We COULD have been 12-4 and winning the division title (for the record, under my fantasy scenario, both the Seahawks and 49ers would’ve been 12-4 with the tiebreaker going to the Seahawks as we would’ve had the better Strength of Victory; the 5th tiebreaker).

In other words, the Seahawks would be the 3-seed playing at home against Detroit.

Is all of this stupid?  You bet it is.  But wouldn’t you give anything to have my fantasy scenario play itself out?  I’m more than a little confident, with how this team was coming together in the second half of this season, that we REALLY could’ve made some noise in this 2011 season.

But, that’s what happens.  The Seahawks were looking to go in another direction.  And now we sit on the outside looking in, hoping for a coin flip to give us the #11 pick in the draft.

Meanwhile, Hasselbeck came THIS close to leading his team to the playoffs.  He’s got two more years on his deal, and Tennessee also appears to be a team on the rise.  Unfortunately for him, he’s still got Jake Locker to tangle with.  Jake Locker who has thrown 4 TDs against 0 INTs in his limited action in relief of Hasselbeck.

Locker looks good.  He looks ready!  In those three games where he got extended action, Locker moved his team and almost brought them back from the dead every time.  If he isn’t instated as the starter out of Training Camp next season, my guess is he takes over as the starter early in the season and never relinquishes it.

2011 might’ve been Hasselbeck’s last official hurrah.  It’s too bad he couldn’t have had it in a Seahawks uniform.  Because I think he REALLY had a chance to go out on top.

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