Huskies Continue To Lose To Inferior Opponents

That subject line comes with its own mountain of salt.  I say “inferior”, but it’s obvious Colorado was not the inferior team last night.  They made the Huskies look like a bunch of selfish, know-nothing bitches.  That’s what happens when you net only 7 assists all game, while giving up 87 points to the other team.

Should we have lost last night?  Of course not.  Because while Colorado isn’t an inferior TEAM, they ARE an inferior collection of individual players!  We have, on this Husky team right now, three – MAYBE four – guys who could go on to the NBA.  Obviously, I’m not going to place any blame on the most NBA-ready player (Tony Wroten), because he’s the only guy doing a damn thing on this team!  And if anyone is giving him flack today for being a me-first player, then I would suggest to the other guys on this team:  MAKE FUCKING SHOTS!

You know what I’m sick of seeing game-in and game-out?  C.J. Wilcox with horrendous shooting nights.  Yeah, he got 19 points yesterday, but the bulk of those points were in garbage time, when the game was a lost cause.  To anyone who says to me, “We don’t need Scott Suggs,” I will point to every single road game C.J. Wilcox has ever played.  The guy can’t get it up away from home!

You know what else I’m sick of?  Terrence Ross being an absolute ghost on the court!  You’re supposed to be the biggest talent on this team!  You’re supposed to be a Top-10 NBA draft pick!  Why you’re not scoring 25 points a game, I will never know!

There is a serious leadership void on this team, and I don’t see it going away any time soon.  Coach Romar tells us that these things tend to work themselves out naturally, over the course of the college basketball season, but I have my doubts about this team.  The vocal leader has to be your best (or one of your best) players; except all of our best players aren’t vocal for shit.

The worst thing about this team, that I’ve noticed thus far, is that there doesn’t appear to be any passion on this team.  No one seems to care about a damn thing!  Win, lose, who cares?  That’s the bad you take when you’ve got great players looking forward to NBA careers.  Inevitably you get stuck with people who don’t care about their college careers so long as they get theirs.  In the meantime, it makes for games that are impossible to watch.  Like what we had here last night.

The Huskies are a great bunch of individuals, but as a team they’re downright horrendous.

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