In Defiance Of God’s Will, The Huskies Get To 10 Wins

An ugly win for an ugly, UGLY basketball team!

You’re clinically retarded if you think this game against Seattle U represented them “catching up” to the Huskies.  Seattle U is now 3-11; they’re a TERRIBLE basketball team!  But, Washington isn’t much better, and that says WAY more about the Huskies than it does the Redhawks.  The ONLY reason this game was “competitive” is because the Huskies can’t hit a shot to save their lives.

While our points per game are respectable, and our rebounds per game are downright Herculean (given the fact that we’re not exactly the longest team in the nation, we’re still 10th in rebounds per game in the nation), our field goal percentage is abysmal!  46% shooting makes us 84th in the country.  And that’s a DIRECT result of the fact that we have two amazing point guards, neither of which can drop a dime on a regular basis.  We are 106th in the nation in assists!  That’s incredibly pisspoor!

I’m not gonna get into a long-ass post about this, because a shitty game isn’t worth the time or the effort.  I’m just saying, it’ll be a God damned miracle if this team wins 10 more games the rest of the way.  CBI here we come …

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