Cal Must REALLY Hate The Huskies Right Now

So, there’s been quite a bit of shakeup with the Dawgs since the end of the Alamo Bowl.  Nick Holt and a couple other defensive coaches were fired.  We brought in a hot-shot co-ordinator from Tennessee with ties to the west coast (and his little buddy).  Nick Montana transferred to go to a junior college for a year so he can actually play some football.  And now we just straight-up jacked a couple of coaches from the Cal Bears staff.

There was some cause for concern going into this offseason.  What with the disruption along our own coaching ranks – not only ridding ourselves of Holt, but also losing our secondary coach to UCLA – there was thought that our recruitment for 2012 would be looking pretty scary.  As it turns out, the Huskies went the Sour Grapes route on that notion:  if we can’t make ourselves better, then we might as well make other teams worse.

And, make no mistake, the Huskies made the Cal Bears worse.  First of all, they’ve got guys left and right re-thinking their committments to the Bay Area school.  Even if they DON’T come north to Seattle, maybe they decide to go elsewhere (hopefully out of conference), weakening Cal’s overall class ranking.  Secondly, we pretty much bitch-slapped their entire program.  We found two guys who had no intention of leaving and we made them offers they couldn’t refuse.  As in:  an assload of cash and prizes (a boat?  Seriously?  Who is going to turn down a free boat?).

The funny thing is, Cal TOTALLY could’ve matched us.  They got the same amount of “TV Money” that every other school in the Pac-12 got, they easily could’ve whipped out their dong and matched us inch for inch.  But, instead of re-working their entire coaching staff pay structure, they opted to hide at home with their tail between their legs.

I like this.  Scratch that, I LOVE this.  My team, my school, going above and beyond with the pocketbook to ensure that we’ve got the best guys on staff (to go out and get the best guys for the field).  That’s what WINNERS do.  This is akin to having your girlfriend die in a fire, then going out and stealing another man’s wife with promises of furs and diamonds and trips to Greece.  Is it honorable?  I don’t think so, but it’s getting the fucking job done at a time in this program’s history where we’re on the cusp of something truly great.

So, fuck Cal!  As far as the middle-of-the-road teams in the Pac-12 are concerned, they were the biggest threat to the Huskies moving up in this world.  Now, they’ve been weakened considerably.  Just in time for us to ascend to the top of the mountain.

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