Huskies Bounce Back To Stay Somewhat Relevant

To say the Huskies needed that victory over Stanford would be an understatement.  That being said, they actually needed that Cal loss to Wazzu even more.

I read today that no team in the Pac-12 received any votes.  I don’t mean there were no Pac-12 teams in the Top 25 – indeed, it has been many moons since a team has been ranked – I mean that there were no votes PERIOD.  When was the last time no team in the Pac-12 was even among the Top 30 or 35?  Isn’t that INSANE?

At this point, you can’t really blame the top players leaving early for the NBA draft.  Because, in all honesty the best players in the Pac-12 haven’t been underclassmen.  At least, not compared to the Big East and some of these other conferences who manage to get some quality wins here and there.

In spite of their loss to WSU last weekend, Cal is still the best team in the conference.  They’re 6-2, which normally would be a pretty solid record to have.  But, considering the talent level of the Pac-12, 6-2 isn’t just mediocre, but it’s not even good for sole possession of the top spot.  Oregon is also 6-2, with Washington and Colorado a half game back at 5-2.

What I have to wonder is:  will the regular season champion make the Tourney?  At this rate, it’s unlikely.  Because at this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising for the conference champ to have 5 losses in conference (which, in case the theme of this post has you confused, is a terrible amount of losses).

As a Husky fan, I’m still holding out hope for a Pac-12 Tournament title.  That being said, winning the regular season is still well within our grasp.  We play ASU and USC twice each; they’re just the worst.  We also play UCLA twice, Oregon State and Wazzu once; they’re pretty awful.  And, we play Arizona twice and Oregon once; they’re nothing special.  I could see us running the table (which would be very, very GOOD), or I could see us losing out (which would be very, very bad).  Or, I could see literally any combination in between.  That’s how talented we are, and how undisciplined we are at the same time.

Which, to be honest, is better than I was thinking after that Cal loss.  Had we not shown up against the Cardinal, I’d be counting down the days to mid-March in hopes that we could win three games in three nights.  Now?  Anything can happen.  Which is awesome, and terrifying.

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