Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Prospects Extravaganza 2012!!!

And the 2011 season isn’t even fucking over yet!  But, like I’ve never, ever said:  it’s never too early to start talking about who’s going to be your starting quarterback next season!

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m about 95% sure Tarvar is going to be under center in the first regular season game for YOUR Seattle Seahawks.  Maybe Definitely I’m a pessimist, but that’s how I feel, and I generally think articles like these (which have already been written to the point of nausea, and which will certainly be written a million times over between now and the start of next season) are a total waste of time.  Then again, if it weren’t for the great and incessant need to waste as much time as humanly possible, why would blogs exist in the first place?

Plus, you know, a girl can dream and all that.

Peyton Manning – I’m going to start off with the looniest prospect to be Seattle’s quarterback next year, because it’s NOT GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN, PEOPLE!  Even one blog post, about this idotic, topic, no matter how much, you might respect the writer, is too many fucking blog posts about this idiotic topic!  The dude has probably played his last game, but that’s beside the point, because why in the hell would he sign here?  And why would we sign HIM?  He’s been out of football for a year, he’s one nasty hit away from being a paraplegic, and he’s going to be 36 when next season starts.  So just fucking stop it, all right?  Quit being an asshole and writing about why the Seahawks should or shouldn’t sign Peyton Manning, because it’s not going to fucking happen, the end.

Matt Flynn – Now, here’s a guy who makes some sense!  This is an interesting case, because his stock has never been higher and probably never will be higher, at least, as long as he’s still a backup.  That’s good and bad.  Good because you know what he’s capable of; you know what his ceiling is.  And boy, WHAT a ceiling!  480 yards, 6 TDs, over 70% completion percentage, a 136.4 passer rating … yeah, it was against Detroit (whose defense was in the bottom third in the league against the run and the pass), but still!  Those numbers don’t fuck around!

Which is bad, obviously, because his stock is so high, that means he’s going to cost a whole bundle of arms and legs to sign.  I still have no real idea if Green Bay is going to franchise him; the last I heard they weren’t.  But, it would be smarter if they did (for them, anyway).  Assuming Flynn isn’t franchised, then I don’t see why the Seahawks couldn’t get him.  We’ve got some of the deepest pockets in the league, and our cap space has to be among the best (what with all the young starters we’ve got up and down our roster).  If this front office wants Matt Flynn, this front office will sign Matt Flynn.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

The thing I wonder is, DO the Seahawks want Matt Flynn?  People like to mention the fact that John Schneider was in Green Bay when they drafted Flynn, as if that makes it a done deal that we’re just going to go out and pick him up.  But, if John Schneider likes Matt Flynn so much, why didn’t he try to barter with Green Bay LAST offseason, when this team was looking for a change of quarterbacks?  You can try to blame the lockout all you want, but there’s no reason why a lockout would prevent GMs from talking to other GMs.

Or, for that matter, why not two years ago, when the Seahawks went hog-wild to go after Charlie Whitehurst?  Are you telling me that two years ago, Charlie Whitehurst was THAT much better than Matt Flynn?  Schneider could’ve walked away from Green Bay the day he signed with Seattle and taken Matt Flynn with him for the price of a song.  And last year, that price might’ve been two songs, but it sure would’ve been a far cry from what it’s going to cost this year.

What this leadership tandem of Schneider and Carroll has shown is that they’re not afraid to go after projects.  Guys who have never played in the NFL.  If they see talent in someone, no matter how far out of left field they find them, they’ll pick him up.  So, why wouldn’t they drop Green Bay a 5th round pick last year to get Matt Flynn?

I’m thinking, while they don’t necessarily need to wait to see if a guy is a sure thing, they CERTAINLY didn’t expect what Flynn did to the Lions in Week 17.  Then again, maybe after the disaster that was the Charlie Whitehurst debacle, Schneider and Carroll are a little gunshy when it comes to trading for other teams’ second fiddles.

Either way, I don’t see how they could possibly pass on Matt Flynn, after he’s done what he’s done.  I mean, shit, the Seahawks brought Matt Hasselbeck in here from Green Bay as a backup, and at that point he’d attempted all of 29 passes in two regular seasons behind Brett Favre!  Matt Flynn COMPLETED more passes than Hasselbeck attempted, and in only one game!

Now, I’m not saying there won’t be competition.  Obviously Miami is looking for a quarterback, as is Washington, Cleveland, and maybe even Jacksonville.  They can’t all get their guys from the draft!  After Luck goes to Indy, there are only a small handful of guys you’d want to trust, starting and practically ending with the Heisman Trophy winner.  But, I gotta think if the Seahawks really want Flynn, they’re going to get him.

If he’s a free agent.  It’s a whole other ball of worms if Green Bay franchises him and holds him for ransom.  If that’s the case, then they’re probably going to hold out for a Number 1 or a 2 and a 3.  It’s a risky venture, because if the teams in need call your bluff, then you’re over-paying for a guy who probably won’t play a down next season.  Either that, or they’ll force your hand and make you drop your asking price.  But, usually in these cases, the team with the supply wins out over those in demand and gets what it wants.

My main concern, in this scenario, is the overall cost in getting Flynn.  While I can make the argument that the kid has proven he’s a bigtime player in this league, I can also point to the fact that it was only one freakin’ game, against a defense that was God awful!  In that sense, is he really worth it?  I mean, I don’t want to call Kevin Kolb a bust just yet, but it’s not like he was Arizona’s savior out of the gate this season!  It’s not the money I’m concerned with, it’s the draft picks and/or the players on the roster we would have to trade that I want!  Yeah, it’s only been two drafts, but Carroll and Schneider have been pretty fucking shrewd in their draft picks.  I’d like to see what they can do when they have a pick in every single round; just imagine the starters we could get out of that!

All of that was just a long-winded way of saying, “Yes, sign Flynn if he’s a free agent; no, don’t sign Flynn if he’s going to cost a shitload of draft picks.”

Trade Up For A Super Stud In The Draft – This … is another option.  It’s difficult to defend this option, but it’s certainly out there.  Ever since New Orleans and Mike Ditka traded all of their picks to draft Ricky Williams … I’m not gonna lie to you, you’re gonna get killed in the press if you do this!  If we’ve learned anything over the years as football fans (and especially as Seahawks fans), is that if you have a few bad drafts in a row, your team is going to get remarkably worse.  You need the talent, you need the depth that comes from a draft class.  Whiff too many times, and you’re going to find your team sorely lacking in many key areas once your team is gutted by injuries, old age, and free agency.

Essentially, what this option means is:  you’re giving up an entire draft class worth of potential starting talent and potential depth … for one guy.  Which could set your team back more than it would leap forward with the one stud you got.

If you’re going to sell the whole farm for one golden goose, you better be damn sure that bitch lays you some 24-karat eggs.

I think by now, if you’ve read this blog enough, you know how I feel about Andrew Luck.  But, let me reiterate:  I would not only trade the Colts however many draft picks they want for the right to draft Andrew Luck, but I would sell my soul to Satan himself to see my team led by a bona fide superstar.

Anything less than Andrew Luck, ehh, I don’t know.  To be honest with you, I don’t know a whole lot about the other college quarterbacks.  Robert Griffin III might be good, or he might be like just about every other Heisman Trophy winning quarterback (a total bust at the next level).  After that, you got me.  I’m sure I’ll learn more as the draft approaches, but right now, if the Seahawks are going to trade up for anyone BUT Andrew Luck, I’d probably be pretty sick about it.  Not necessarily angry, but I’d be so God damn overcome with creeping, nagging doubt that it would be impossible to feel good about such a move.

Some Other Loser Quarterback Who Lost His Starting Job Because He’s A Loser – I’m not going to dignify some of these other names with their own sections in this post, because I don’t feel they even deserve mentioning.  For the record, the following quarterbacks I’m about to mention would never in a million years be signed by the Seattle Seahawks in 2012 because none of them are notably better than Tarvar.

I’m looking at you, Kyle Orton, Jimmy Clausen, David Garrard, Brady Quinn, or Jason Campbell.  Why would the Seahawks go after ANY of these guys when they’ve just spent the past season with Tarvar under center?  Sure, he’s bad, and he’s definitely not a significant part of Seattle’s future, but neither are any of those other schlubs I just mentioned!  If I absolutely HAD to pick one, I’d probably go with Garrard, because he’s shown to be pretty accurate (and a guy who avoids interceptions) on a team with absolutely no weapons through the air.  After that, the rest of those guys can fuck right off.

In the end, what do I think will happen?

It’s tough to say, because there are so many variables.  My gut tells me, though, that the Seahawks keep Tarvar, they draft a quarterback either in the first round (if a top-tier guy is available) or they trade up in the second round to get an Andy Dalton type guy, they let him sit for the entire 2012 season, and then they hand over the reigns in 2013.

That’s just my gut talking, though.  Don’t listen to him.  Dream big!  Matt Flynn in 2012!!!

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