Why Would The Seattle Mariners Cut Payroll?

Because they’re a God damn butthole, that’s why!

At $95 million, the Mariners were quickly falling behind most contending teams.  At $80 million?  You might as well start dropping Red Cross care packages, because Seattle is a fucking Third World Country.

All you shills for the Seattle Mariners, all you apologists, all of you so-called rational, level-headed fans:  if you sit there and try to tell me this organization gives two shits about winning baseball games, I will thump your fucking skulls.  The Seattle Mariners don’t care about winning baseball games; they never have.  They don’t have an ownership that gives two shits about anything other than the bottom line.  They just want to pinch as many fucking pennies as they can, all the while sitting in their luxury boxes pretending they’re bigwigs while their team loses 80-100 games every season.

It’s pathetic.  This organization is FUCKED.  And until they fucking sell to a true baseball fan (who would be someone that does whatever it takes to put a winning product on the fucking field), this organization will always BE fucked.

You can’t count on a committee of tight-ass corporate dunderheads to make good, sensible baseball decisions.  Hell, go get 8 of your very-good friends together and try to reach a consensus on something as trivial as Fantasy Football rules and see where you are at the end of the night!  It’s IMPOSSIBLE to work together with differently-minded individuals towards a common goal; see:  the U.S. Government.  And those people are playing with house money!  Just imagine if you had to base decisions that affected your total net worth like the Mariners’ owners.

You get the idea.  Too many chefs in the kitchen and all that.  I’m sure there are one or two guys within the Mariners’ ownership circle who’d like to pump some life (and some money) into this team.  But, I’m betting the majority don’t give two fucks.  You can clearly see that by the way they’re treating Jackie Z and the rest of the baseball people.  “Here, Jackie Z, here’s a big ol’ bowl of chicken shit.  Now, make me some chicken salad or  your fucking fired!”

I swear to Christ, if Jackie Z lives to see that 2015 TV money, I will eat my fucking hat.

I’m a big fan of the Seattle Mariners TEAM, but as an organization they’re just the fucking worst.  And if they’re going to cut payroll right after losing 196 games in the past two seasons, then the Seattle Mariners can go right to hell.

I implore anyone else who thinks this is an outrage:  don’t buy their shit.  Don’t go to their games, don’t buy their merchandise, don’t give them one iota of confidence that this was the right thing to do.  Make them PAY for fucking the fans over they way they’re fucking us over.

It’s one thing to build through drafts and prospects, but it’s quite another to just give up on season after season before they’ve even began!  Take your $80 million and shove it up your ass, Mariners!  Because I’ve fucking had it.

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