Seattle Playoff Futility

I got to thinking about this earlier today when I was thinking about how much the Mariners suck (thinking about how much the Mariners suck is something I do quite a bit, in proportion to all the times I think about the Mariners in general).  Did you know you could count all of the times the Mariners have been in the playoffs on one hand?  That is, if you’ve got at least four fingers on that hand.

4 out of 35 seasons.  That’s only 11% of the Mariners’ existence!  And out of those 4 seasons, 0 resulted in a world championship.

Which got me to wondering:  what the hell went wrong those four times?

Which got me to further wondering:  what the hell went wrong with all those other times all those other Seattle teams made the playoffs and failed in their ultimate goal?

The Seahawks have made the playoffs 11 times, and every time they ended their season with a loss.  11 times in 36 seasons, for a 31% Playoff Rate.

The Sonics are the only team in Seattle professional sports history to win it all.  Yet, they made the playoffs 22 times in their history.  1 championship in 22 playoff attempts … not the best figure in the world.  22 out of 41 seasons, by the way, is a 54% Playoff Rate (just to show you where the success was in Seattle sports history, and why their theft is so tragic).

Out of the big three, we’re talking about 1 championship in 112 overall seasons and 1 championship in 37 Playoff Opportunities.  So, in essence, I have at least 36 posts to get to if I want to chronicle every time a professional Seattle team blew it when it mattered most.

Since it’s almost baseball season, I’ll start with the Mariners and work my way through the Seahawks and Sonics as I have a free day.  And, if I feel up to it, I might add some posts targeting Husky basketball losses in the NCAA Tournament, and even some posts about Husky football bowl defeats.  Because who ever said futility starts and stops with the Pros?

You’ll find this link in the ever-expanding black bar at the top of the website, under the appropriately titled header:  “Seattle Playoff Futility”.  The individual seasons will be in the drop-down menu as they’re written.  The link itself will be an edited version of this very post.  Enjoy!

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