Recent Arena Chatter Is Very Uplifting

People in Seattle were treated to this Seattle Times article over the weekend.  Take some time to read it if you haven’t already; I’ll wait.

Isn’t that exciting???  Granted, it’s just people talking to other people – it’s not like we were going to live the rest of our miserable lives here in Seattle without people talking to other people about possibly, someday in the future, looking into seeing whether or not it would be feasible to perhaps, if things shake out the right way, maybe figuring out a way to theoretically get an arena built the proper way to make Basketball and/or Hockey profitable in this general area of the United States.  But, for some reason, THIS TIME it seems to be more realistic.  People are letting their guards down because we want to believe SO BADLY that we’ll have winter sports in Seattle.

I don’t know where this sudden influx of optimism came from.  Don’t you people know that this is Seattle?  Abandon All Hope and all that.  But, I’m not going to be the one to pounce on their dreams, because they’re my dreams too.  And besides, nothing is going to break my heart any more than it has already been broken by losing the Sonics in the first place.

The last time we were talking about this was back in July of 2011, when some Chicago businessman was looking into Bellevue.  I don’t know how that ended up, but since I never heard about it again, let’s just go ahead and pretend this notion died on the cutting room floor.

Now, we’ve got a Christopher Hansen – no, not Dateline’s Christopher Hansen, ANOTHER Christopher Hansen.  A guy who’s actually from Seattle, saints be praised!  He lives in San Francisco and he’s been talking not only to the local politicians – those pricks – but also the NBA’s own David Stern – another prick.  Thus far, we’re still in the talking stage, but if things break the right way, we might be doing more than just talk.

The Sacramento Kings are on the clock.  If they don’t work out a deal for a new stadium, then they could very well be ours.  Of course, there are a lotta If’s in that deal.  They have to reject a stadium.  We have to build a stadium (or, at the very least, have it on record that we’re GOING to build a stadium for sure, should we get a franchise).  Then, of course, they would have to be willing to sell their team.

So, it’s not like this is a done deal or anything.  Those three things by themselves are fucking HUGE ORDEALS.  So much bureaucracy, so much fucking red tape, so many back-alley deals … it boggles the mind to think about what it’s going to take to get this thing done.

But, isn’t it exciting nonetheless?  Things are in motion!  We’ve got a guy with money, we’ve got a plan in place that may or may not fly with the local politicians, we’ve got the Commissioner saying they’d welcome the opportunity to be back here!  All we need are just a few simple things to go our way and we’ll be watching professional basketball once again!

And, yeah, hockey too.  But basketball!

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