Let Free Agency Begin: Seahawks Re-Sign Breno Giacomini

This is a win every way you slice it.  No, it’s not Beastmode, nor is it Red Bryant, but I would argue the importance of this signing is ALMOST on par.

With Pancakes Carpenter losing a full year to an ACL tear, we’re going to need a guy like Giacomini who was able to come in during the last half of last season and be a solid contributor to a line that got better and better as the season wore on.  It’s quite possible Carpenter goes on the PUP list at the beginning of the season, so at least we’ll have some continuity on that end.  And, if/when Carpenter comes back, that just means we have some real good depth in reserve.

Let’s face it, if we’ve learned nothing from the last three seasons, it’s that you NEED plenty of quality backup offensive linemen, because you almost NEVER go a full season with the same five guys.  And with the way each and every starter on our line – Okung, Gallery, Unger, Moffitt & Carpenter – have all proven to be injury prone, being able to retain a guy like Giacomini – who not only has starting experience, but QUALITY starting experience – is a God damn coup.

Plus, I think I heard on the radio that Pancakes Carpenter might project to be a starting left guard, should things break down on the Gallery front.  Hell, as long as our first round draft pick is starting SOMEWHERE on the offensive line, I’ll be happy.  If he’s better served in the middle of the line, fine, whatever.  Get it done!

It’ll be interesting to see what the Seahawks are able to get done between now and the draft.  This is a promising start to our free agency season.

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