That Loss To South Dakota State Is Never Going To Stop Sucking My Will To Live

According to the latest Bracketology today, UW is among the First Four Out.  You’re not exactly going to knock me over with a feather on that end, we looked about as bad as a basketball team can look in that Oregon game.  You know what’s a huge slap in the face, though?  Arizona drew an 11-seed!

Cal I can understand with the 9-seed.  They’ve been highly regarded all year with their experience across the board, even if they didn’t come down with any quality wins in non-conference.  But Arizona???  A) we have a better record than them in conference; B) we BEAT them!

Since we’re not dealing with Quality Wins (because neither team has one), then you’ve got to look at the next-best thing:  Quality Losses.  Arizona has four defeats against teams that are currently ranked in the Top 25 (only 1 of those teams was ranked at the time of the game, overtime against Florida).  The Huskies have only two defeats against currently-ranked teams (Duke & Marquette).  A third loss, against Nevada, figures to be a team that will make the Tourney.  And a fourth, against Saint Louis, could also crack the field.

But, it’s that fucking home loss to South Dakota State that is our proverbial Stone of Shame on this 2011/2012 season.

Pictured: Stone of Triumph

Now, before I go ripping into a mid-major, I will give the Jackrabbits some credit:  they’re currently 20-7 and 12-3 in the Summit League standings (second to powerhouse Oral Roberts), so they could very well make the NCAA Tournament.  However, let’s face it, they’re GOING to have to win their conference tournament to get there.  And this is a team that came into our arena on December 18th and trounced us by 19 points.

You wanna know why Arizona is in the NCAA Tournament as of today, while Washington is one of the first four out?  Look no further than the list of Disappointing Losses To Teams You Should’ve Beaten.  By my count, Arizona doesn’t have anything to be ashamed about in their 4 non-conference losses.  Now, the fact that they’ve already lost two home games in conference is a little disturbing, but that’s neither here nor there.  The Huskies have upwards of three BAD fucking losses in their non-conference schedule, punctuated by that home defeat to South Dakota State.

Here’s a scenario for you:  let’s say the Huskies win out in the regular season to finish 15-3.  But, let’s say they finish tied with Cal for first place.  Well, you’d think they’d stand a good chance of making the Tourney, right?  Well, what if the Huskies blow it in the Pac-12 Tourney and lose in their first game.  Now, you’ve got some serious concern, and as it turns out, your concern is well founded, because the Huskies end up as one of the first four out.

You know what you can blame that NIT seeding on?  That fucking loss to South Dakota State.  It’s a plague on our season that will never go away.  If we don’t win the Pac-12 outright, or if we don’t win the Pac-12 Tournament, you can look back to December 18th and mark that day as the day the season was lost.

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