The Seahawks Might Be Screwed At Quarterback

And you all wondered why I was the biggest, fattest, bottom-of-the-pyramid cheerleader in the Suck For Luck Sweepstakes!

The Seahawks are going to draft either 11th or 12th in the 2012 NFL Draft.  That’s good for … exactly diddly squat.  I wrote about drafting quarterbacks in this Suck For Luck post.  Of the 8 elite quarterbacks drafted in the past 8 years, half of them were taken in the Top 10.  Roethlisberger fell to 11th, Flacco fell to 18th, Rodgers fell to 24th, and Schaub was picked in the third round (there’s always an outlier).

Now, by my calculations, there are 19 starting quarterbacks in the NFL who either are, or have been, elite-level quarterbacks.  They are, in no particular order:

Philip Rivers *
Carson Palmer *
Matt Hasselbeck
Matt Schaub
Peyton Manning *
Ben Roethlisberger
Andy Dalton
Joe Flacco
Tom Brady
Tony Romo
Eli Manning *
Michael Vick *
Aaron Rodgers
Jay Cutler
Matthew Stafford *
Matt Ryan *
Cam Newton *
Josh Freeman
Drew Brees

These are guys who are, or have been at one point in their careers, guys you would WANT to have on your team (the exception being:  if you’ve already got an elite guy on your team who’s better than one of these other elite guys he’s listed with; I don’t imagine many Patriots fans would trade Brady for anyone else on this list, for example).

Of those 19, eight of them were picked in the top 10.  They are denoted by a *.  If you want to talk about the best of the best, I would rank Rivers, Manning, and Eli right up there with Brady and Brees.  And there’s a lot to be said for guys like Stafford, Newton, and Ryan.  And, of course, Palmer in his prime was pretty damn good (until he was beaten down under the weight of some horribly mis-managed Bengals teams).  And Vick is a specimen unlike any other on this list.

Really, my point is, the very best quarterbacks tend to come in the Top 10.  The Seahawks don’t pick in the Top 10.  Ergo, it’s going to be difficult for the Seahawks to get one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL Draft this spring.

That isn’t to say it’s going to be impossible, but right now it’s discouraging.  I mean, over the next few months we’re going to hear about guys “Shooting Up The Draft Board” on the infinite number of mock drafts we’re sentenced to be subjected to between now and April; but really, how many of the BEST quarterbacks required their stock to rise after they finished playing college ball?  Don’t you figure, if you’re an elite guy, we’re going to KNOW you’re elite already?

Andrew Luck and RGIII, they appear as if they’re going to be elite.  They’ve been the two guys talked about all along.  Everyone else after them … one crapshoot after another, if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “The Seahawks Might Be Screwed At Quarterback

  1. 19 starters who are or were at one time an “elite” level QB? and you ‘I write what I know and (mostly) I know sports.” gotta question that…

    Andy Dalton – one season with decent stats. not anything near elite level play.
    Joe Flacco – has never played at an elite level. he has been solid but thats a far cry from elite.
    Jay Cutler – see Joe Flacco
    Josh Freeman – seriously????
    Cam Newton – one season and he is elite? really?
    Michael Vick – see Josh Freeman.

    and then their were:

    Philip Rivers – Never won a playoff game
    Carson Palmer – Never won a playoff game
    Tony Romo – 1 playoff win. worst career Dec stats of any starter in the NFL

    to have a solid or good season is NOT playing at an elite level at all.

  2. So, let me just go ahead and pick you apart one by one, since obviously we differ in our definition of “elite”. For you, apparently “elite” is winning multiple Super Bowls while throwing for over 4,000 on the reg.

    My definition, as I wrote above, is a little more lenient: “guys you would WANT to have on your team (the exception being: if you’ve already got an elite guy on your team who’s better than one of these other elite guys he’s listed with …)”. As such, I’m using the Seahawks as an example. I don’t WANT Tarvaris Jackson as my team’s quarterback; I would, however, welcome any one of these guys either right now, or back when they were in their primes.

    Andy Dalton, as a ROOKIE, made the Pro Bowl. Injury replacement or not, he gets to say he’s a Pro Bowler and he gets to say he’s better than Tarvaris Jackson. Maybe he’s a huge flash in the pan who will revert to being a huge pile of crap (a la Derek Anderson after his Pro Bowl season), but I don’t think so. I think he’s only going to get better.

    Joe Flacco has played 4 seasons and has a Passer Rating of over 80 in each one of those seasons. He’s also led his team to the Playoffs in every season he’s been in the NFL. I think the Seahawks (and many teams with sub-par quarterbacking play) would take him in a heartbeat right now, as is.

    Jay Cutler has a cannon for an arm. If he wasn’t constantly jerked around with new offensive coordinators, maybe he’d have a chance to settle in with a successful career. Also, he was one game away from leading the Bears to the Super Bowl in the 2010 season; unfortunately he had that season-ending injury that prevented him from beating Green Bay’s ass. Yeah, most teams would take Cutler right now as well. Warts and all.

    You don’t like Josh Freeman? You don’t like a guy who has thrown for well over 3,000 yards in his last two seasons (as a 3-year Pro)? Have you SEEN the collection of bullshit he’s forced to play with? He has arguably the worst receiving corps in the NFL, and a running game that’s below-average at BEST. This guy in 2010 was winning games BY HIMSELF, before the whole thing completely fell apart with injuries in 2011. YES, I think Josh Freeman is elite, SERIOUSLY!

    Cam Newton had one of the most dominant rookie seasons ever for a quarterback. Is that a fluke? Will he get a big head and start to go through the motions for the rest of his career? I guess anything is possible. But, more likely, what we have in Cam Newton is a guy who is going to only get BETTER. Elite. Next.

    Michael Vick is one of the most athletic players in the NFL, regardless of position. He’s probably got the strongest arm of any of these guys, and he’s got the legs to make defenses look ridiculous. Ever had your fantasy team get blown out because the other guy had Michael Vick on his team? That’s because he’s capable – at any given moment – to put up video game-type numbers.

    Philip Rivers … who cares if he’s never won a playoff game? Except, I’m pretty sure he has. See: 2007, when the Chargers lost in the AFC Championship game after WINNING two games against the Colts and Titans. See also: 2008, when the Chargers beat the Colts AGAIN. If his head coach wasn’t a complete dunderhead, you’d probably see Rivers with a couple of rings on his fingers. Get a clue.

    Carson Palmer (in his PRIME, mind you … read the caveat in the post) was a gunslinger of the finest caliber. It’s not his fault he played on some terrible Cincinnati teams. Blame ownership for having their heads so far up their own asses with one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. He was never the same after that Steeler playoff game where the lineman rolled up on his leg.

    Tony Romo … OK, so I can ALMOST agree with you on this one. I don’t think anyone would really want Tony Romo on their team (most of all Dallas Cowboys fans). Nevertheless, he’s had three different seasons where he’s thrown for over 4,000 yards. I don’t care who you are or how much success you’ve had in December, throwing for over 4,000 yards in three different seasons is pretty fucking elite.

    Keep questioning me, Wil. There are varying degrees of eliteness. I’m not saying these guys are on par with Tom Brady or Joe Montana or Peyton Manning. But, these quarterbacks are very good, and teams with these quarterbacks should be more than happy to have them. Because teams with these quarterbacks at least have the CHANCE to win a Super Bowl. Really, all I’m looking for is a chance.

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