When News Really Isn’t News: An Arena Proposal

Everyone keeps talking about how this is a great day, and in hindsight – at some point in the future – maybe today will be a great day … but right now it’s just another day.  Another day where this city doesn’t have a proper arena.  Another day where this city doesn’t have a professional basketball team.

We have a PROPOSAL.  That’s it.  We have a proposal at a time where a couple of other NBA cities are struggling to keep their teams, but this by no means guarantees the swift return of the NBA to Seattle.  Granted, at least we finally HAVE a proposal – I guess that puts us closer to our end goal than if we had no plan whatsoever – but let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet.

First thing’s first:  let’s just get the fucking thing PASSED.  Maybe THEN I’ll give myself a little more room for optimism.  But, even though this thing is a peach of a deal, it’s by no means a DONE deal.  With this piece of shit city council, with these piece of shit groups like Citizens For More Important Things, with the overwhelming piece of shit general population who will show up in droves for whatever Town House Meetings they have to discuss this project – this project whose passage will hurt NO ONE, except those people with huge bugs up their asses – how can I be confident that we’ll even get past the first miniscule fucking step?

You’d think I’m over-reacting.  You’d think, “There’s no way the city passes on this.”  You’d THINK that, but I never thought the city would lose the Sonics, and here we fucking are.

Like I said in a previous post, I understand the optimism, but we’re not all that much closer to having Pro Basketball in Seattle than we were yesterday.  Even if the proposal does pass, then what?  Then we wait.  Sacramento seems to be getting their shit together (I guess we’ll find out how together at the end of the month), New Orleans seems to be un-fucking-touchable in the eyes of the NBA who has a hard-on to keep a basketball team in a city where a basketball team has NEVER thrived … who’s left?  What other city can we look at and say, “You’re next”?  It’s pointless to go around pointing out cities with lackluster ticket sales and say, “Well, there’s a potential team to steal.”

You’re not going to get a team to Seattle until you find an owner who is willing to MOVE to Seattle.  And no one in his right fucking mind – unless he was born/grew up here – EVER wants to move to Seattle!

So, yeah, let’s say we pass the proposal and the Kings stay in Sacramento and the Hornets stay in New Orleans … essentially we’re just waiting around for some other organization to fail miserably.  You know who else has been waiting around for some other organization to fail miserably?  Kansas City.  They’ve been waiting a LONG fucking time.  And, now apparently Anaheim is in the mix to get a team.  Well, that’s just fucking great.  Not only are we a city waiting for a team, but we’re a city competing with other cities while the Supply is nil.

Pardon me if I don’t fall over with excitement just yet.  Call me when the proposal passes and maybe I’ll get half a stiffy.

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