The Seahawks Should Bring Leroy Hill Back

What’s the big fuckin’ deal, bitch???

Everyone is sitting here assuming that Leroy Hill is a goner, and they very well might be right.  After all, we’re talking about a guy who’s on his second incident involving the police and marijuana.  My question is:  why does he HAVE to be gone?

First and foremost, the Seahawks aren’t stupid.  Guys who get in trouble with marijuana RARELY go cold turkey on the shit.  What do we know?  Leroy was arrested in early 2009 when he was caught asleep in a car full of weed.  Leroy was arrested a few days ago when he was caught with a home full of weed.  So, we KNOW he never stopped smoking weed (although it’s a good bet he stopped smoking during the season).

In spite of all that, he came back in 2011, played in every game, and was a cheap, effective alternative at his natural outside linebacker position.

Where is a position of need in 2012?  Why, that would be linebacker!  David Hawthorne is a free agent and is unlikely to come back cheap (we all know the pitfalls of overpaying for a position like linebacker).  Hill is also a linebacker, meaning we’ve only got one guy (last year’s rookie standout K.J. Wright) on roster who was a starter last season.

Why WOULDN’T we want to re-sign Hill?  We know he can still play.  We know he never stopped smoking weed.  Ergo, it’s likely he will be ready when the season starts in 2012, weed-free and ready to bust some heads.

Considering we’re looking at making some big-time purchases this off-season (Beastmode, Bryant, maybe Mario Williams and maybe Matt Flynn), we’ve got to cut costs somewhere.  Linebacker is sure to be it.  So, do the right thing, bring Hill back for another season on the cheap.

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