The Seahawks Should Steal Drew Brees From The Saints

UPDATED 3/3/12So, uhh, yeah, I guess I was unaware of the existence of an “exclusive rights” franchise tag and a “non-exclusive rights” franchise tag.  What the fuck is that?  Why wouldn’t EVERYONE use the exclusive rights tag???  Why do they even have two if you can only use one per season?  Anyway, nevermind what’s written above and below this paragraph.

File this under the remotest of remote possibilities, but it’s Friday and I ain’t got shit else to write about.

A lot of offseason chatter is revolving around Peyton Manning’s potential free agency (should the Colts opt to let him go in favor of starting Andrew Luck as a rookie), but a story flying under the radar a little bit in comparison is the Drew Brees negotiations with New Orleans.  According to today’s report, they’re about $5 million apart on a deal over the first three years.  What does that mean?  Probably nothing.  Probably means they’ll get a deal done anyway.  But, there’s a CHANCE that New Orleans is forced to use the Franchise Tag on him, instead of making him the highest-paid player in the NFL.

I’m saying:  if New Orleans franchises him, the Seahawks should swoop in, knock his socks off with a mega-deal, and give up a couple of first round picks in the process.  For Drew Brees for the next five seasons?  I’d say that’s PLENTY worth it.  Makes the Seahawks a Super Bowl Contender starting next season and going from there.

Most of the time, I would shoot down a deal like this because I don’t like giving up draft picks for players.  But, NORMALLY, you’re talking about unknowns (like Kolb, Flynn, or *shudder* Whitehurst).  Here, you’re talking about the guy who just broke the world fucking record for passing yards last season!  I don’t know about you, but I think that means we’re still in that Drew Brees Prime window that will likely be open for another few seasons.

Like I said at the top, this will probably never happen, but wouldn’t just knock the NFL on its ASS if it did?  To be able to steal away a guy who’s likely destined for the Hall of Fame while he’s still in his prime … I’d say that’s worth a couple of Number 1’s.  Besides, with Drew Brees on our team, that Number 1 next season might just be the 32nd pick.

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