Huskies Lose, Back Into Pac-12 Championship

Thank you, Stanford!  And Fuck UCLA!

Tough way to end the regular season yesterday afternoon, but let’s look on the bright side for once!  The Washington Huskies are Pac-12 Champs!  The first-ever Pac-12 Champs!  Stanford did us a solid just now, and it looks like we’re still in good shape to make the NCAA Tourney in some capacity.

There are various schools of thought about how teams like to finish their regular season when they’re bound for the playoffs.  Some people think it’s a good thing to get a loss out of the way late.  Let the sting sit with you in the post-season so you don’t forget what it’s like (and, theoretically, try to do whatever it takes to make sure that sting doesn’t happen again).  Of course, there’s the other thought that a team on a massive winning streak is a dangerous thing going into a single-elimination playoff.  I tend to see the merits to both, but if the Huskies HAD to lose a game this late, I’m glad it will likely have little effect on our chances.

The NCAA Tournament Committee can NOT keep us out if we’re outright conference champs … right?

That’s my guess anyway.  It would help if we didn’t lose on Thursday to the winner of the Oregon State/Washington State game, but that’s neither here nor there.  On a side note, I was all ready to sing the praises of being a #2 seed in this tourney because that team would face the decidedly less-scary winner of the Stanford/Arizona State game.  Oregon (as the 3-seed) might have it the easiest of them all, facing the winner of Utah/Colorado (two teams going south in a big way of late).  Arizona probably has it toughest, as they’ll face UCLA once the Bruins take out the Trojans.

Had the Huskies won that game yesterday, I would be feeling a lot better about our chances of making it in the NCAA.  I think, even if we lose on Thursday, we’ll still make it, but we will be bound for Play-In Game Hell.  If we win the Pac-12 Tournament, I could see us seeded as high as maybe a 7-seed, but that’s a long way off.  Right now, I’m just thinking about Thursday, as the rest of the team should be.  We fuck that game and, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m going to be crapping my pants by next Sunday.

For now, I’m happy.  Or, at least content.  The Huskies are champs once again!  Now, if we can just parlay this into something truly memorable …

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