The Huskies Have Played Their Way Into The N.I.T.

In the end, it all came down to Free Throws.  In any given game, you can boil down the reason why you lost to any number of factors (offensive boards, turnovers, personal fouls, outside shooting, selfish play), but more often than not you can look at the difference in score (today:  2 points) and the number of free throws missed (today:  14) and you can look no further, because if you made a number of free throws that’s even REMOTELY respectable for a big-time college basketball team, you would’ve won that game.

Gant missed his only two, Gaddy missed his only one.  Ross and Wilcox (not only two of the best shooters on the Huskies, but two of the best shooters in the entire CONFERENCE) both went 1 for 3.  Desmond Simmons went 1 for 2.  But, no one will talk about how the rest of the team combined to shoot 3 for 11, because Tony Wroten shot 9 of 15 from the line, including missing four in a row with less than a minute to play and the Huskies down by one.

I’m not going to sit here and baby the kid, though.  He blew it!  If you’re a big-time NBA type of player, you make those free throws.  Hell, at the very least you make ONE of those free throws!  Wroten didn’t do it, so the brunt of the blame falls on him.  That’s what happens when you keep the ball & you take the important shots at the end of the game:  you take the brunt of the criticism when the game ends and your team loses by 2.  That’s just the way it is, and you’re damn right it’s fair.  If Terrence Ross or C.J. Wilcox were in the same boat, I’d be saying the same things.

The fact of the matter is, I love the way Tony Wroten plays, but he’s got a lot to improve upon.  Free throws are one aspect.  Going to his right is another.  Limiting turnovers is another.  And outside shooting is yet another.  I’d love for him to work on all these things while still in a Husky uniform next season … shit, I’d love for EVERYONE to come back next season.

And I hope I’m wrong in the title of this post.  I hope the Huskies have just enough clout to crack the Top 60.  But, if they HAVE to play in one of the play-in games (which is my prediction, if they’re not snubbed outright), I guess I’ll take it.

And to you retards who are talking about the Huskies MAYBE playing in the C.B.I., stop being retarded.  If they don’t make it into the NCAA Tournament, they’ll be a Number 1 Seed in the N.I.T. so just shut the fuck up.

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