Who, or What, Is A Ryan Tannehill?

I’m not gonna lie to you, outside of the top two guys, I don’t really know dick about the other college quarterbacks expected to be drafted this year.  But, I suppose I better start getting acquainted, considering it’s going to be a top target for the Seahawks.  So, why not start with Ryan Tannehill?

Especially considering we’ve got Mel Kiper mocking him to us at the #12 pick.  I hate Mel Kiper and everything he stands for, but he’s good fodder for blog posts (and mocking, especially in the hair department), so let’s do this thing.

First of all, it’s never a good thing when an analyst says:  “There’s no question that Tannehill’s stock was helped when a couple of other QBs opted to stay in college,” because you’re essentially saying, “Hey Seahawks, you get to eat a big fat dick by drafting this guy, because there are better quarterbacks still in college right now.”  Also, code words like “growth curve” and “high ceiling” are just fancy ways of saying, “sucks”.  To wit:

Ryan Tannehill growth curves a big fat dick.

You see what I mean.

The tangibles on this guy are pretty impressive.  6’4, 222 lbs, career completion percentage over 60%, major senior season with 3,744 yards, 29 TDs and 15 INTs.  There’s a lot to like there!  Except, would you look at that, the Aggies finished 6-6 in this past season and their head coach got fired.  Mmm hmm.

Then you see, oh yeah, he only started for two seasons.  Except, it was actually more like one and a half seasons.  And before that, he was a wide receiver.

A wide receiver?  Are we thinking about drafting a guy at quarterback who played his first two and a half seasons as a wide receiver?  One plus, I guess, is that while he was there he ran a Pro-Style, West-Coast type of offense, but I can’t say that I’m sold.

I’m not a guy who is ever comfortable with drafting a guy based on “measurables”.  Especially if he’s supposed to be my quarterback of the future.  You know who had great measurables?  Dan McGwire.  GREAT measurables!  Try 6’8 and 240.  How about Rick Mirer?  6’3 & 210.  Or Kelly Stouffer, also 6’3 & 210.  Just because a guy LOOKS the part doesn’t mean he’s going to translate that into a successful career.  Yeah, you prefer the guys who are tall with big arms over the short guys with noodle arms, but playing quarterback is more than just being tall and throwing far.

I have no doubt Ryan Tannehill will be a guy who’s drafted in the first round.  I just hope the Seahawks don’t waste their time.  This smacks of one of those cases John Schneider was talking about when he said:

I just know if you panic at the position, it can set the organization back. So we’re not going to do that.

I’m going to hold him to his word.  Don’t panic!  Ryan Tannehill is a desperation move that’s going to blow up in the face of the organization that picks him too high!

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