The Mariners Start Their Season In Japan

This isn’t really meant to be a newsy post.  Or even all that much of an opinion post.  It’s more a reason to acknowledge something remarkable.

It’s remarkable that the Seattle Mariners are starting their season in Japan, facing the Oakland A’s.  How often does that ever happen?  In our case, this is the first.  And I think it’s fucking cool.

This upcoming Wednesday morning, March 28th, at 3:10 in the a.m., the Mariners are going to play a live baseball game that will be televised on Root Sports.  Then, the following morning, at 2:10am, the Mariners are going to play another game that will be televised on Root Sports.  If I wasn’t so low on vacation days, I’d consider taking these two off and fucking up my sleep schedule.  As it stands, I might just go to bed super early the nights before and try to wake up early enough to watch them live.

It’s just too bad that no one else in America knows or gives a shit.  Why aren’t these games televised nationally instead of just regionally?  Why won’t ESPN even acknowledge the existence of these games, except in a cursory highlight or two on SportsCenter?  Well, mostly because the Mariners and A’s are terrible right now, but still.  While the rest of the baseball world believes the season is going to start on Wednesday, April 4th, with a single game featuring St. Louis & Miami, Oakland and Seattle fans know the truth.  The season is ACTUALLY starting a week earlier.  So, suck it Major Leagues.  I don’t know why, but just suck it anyway.

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