The Mariners Played Baseball In Japan This Morning

I’m sure everyone has a story about how they dealt with this morning’s Mariners/A’s game (but not everyone has a blog, so suck it).  Most people, I’m assuming, slept right through the thing because it’s insane to either stay up for or wake up for a 3am Major League Baseball game.

But, there were a few of us hardcore fans out there.  Some of them were invited to watch at Safeco Field (according to this morning’s broadcast, anyway).  Some people, I’m sure, turned it into a party, drinking well into the morning hours.

I had to work today – in fact, I had to start getting ready for work at 6am – so my plan was a little different.  I ended up watching the entirety of the UW/Minnesota basketball game last night.  Of COURSE the fucking thing had to go into Overtime.  I popped a couple Benadryl tablets about midway through the second half of that game, so I was nice and drowsy by the time the game ended (I was also pleading for someone, ANYONE, to win the fucking thing so I could get to sleep).  The game ended at 9pm and I went straight to bed.

Set my alarm for 3am.  Here’s the tricky part:  I don’t have cable (I watched the Husky game streaming on ESPN3), but my apartment building has a little workout room with a 19-inch old-school tube-screen TV hanging up in the corner.  Obviously, nobody is working out at 3am, so I went down there, sat on the weight bench, and watched the Mariners game in darkness.

THAT is the definition of my mania.  I blew off an opportunity to hang out with friends and drink beer last night so I could go to bed at 9pm and wake up 6 hours later to watch the Mariners play baseball in Japan.

As for the game itself, what can I say?  That’s the same fucking game we, as Mariners fans, have seen for the last three seasons.  Felix is dominant, Felix goes 8 strong, giving up 1 run, and Felix gets the No Decision because we can’t score for shit!  On the one hand, hell yeah, we won!  On the other, sorry Felix.

Obviously, I thought Felix looked great.  He always looks great, he’s Felix!  A Felix start is like a fresh-baked pizza – even if it’s terrible, it’s still pizza.  Beats the hell out of fish sticks!  (by the way, wake up at 2am tomorrow for a major dose of fish sticks … I mean, Jason Vargas).

The offense, of course, was a thing of beauty ugly.  Dustin Ackley had two hits (a homer and the game-winning RBI single), but we knew he was going to be awesome.  Ichiro had 4 hits, so that’s a little bit of a relief.  No, it doesn’t mean anything going forward, but at least for his sake and his own well-being he had a 4 for 5 day in front of his home country.  Figgins somehow managed a single, so at least when he goes into his month-long funk, he’ll have better than a .000 batting average.  Michael Saunders had a first-pitch-swinging single and a stolen base before his day went to shit (got caught going to third on a ground ball to the left side, then went 0-for his last three at bats).  And Brendan Ryan had a double in the 11th (and scored the game-winning run).  Everyone else went with the big goose-egg, so that’s a relief.  If this Mariners team came out and scored 10 runs, my mind would probably have fucking exploded.

In the end, we have a team ERA under 1.00 after one game.  Tom Wilhelmsen picked up where he left off, going 2 scoreless.  And Brandon League got the save easy-peasy.

I’m still considering whether I want to wake up at 2am tomorrow.  I REALLY don’t, but when am I ever going to have this opportunity again?  Fuck …

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