Why You Should Want Tony Wroten To Come Back Next Season

There are any number of reasons why he SHOULD come back – he needs to develop a jumper, he needs to develop a right hand, he needs to refine some of the wilder aspects of his game like his passing & decision-making – but what I find most disconcerting is a complete and utter lack of a desire by Husky fans to WANT him back.

If you polled the entirety of Husky basketball fans, you’d run across close to half of them who don’t like the guy and never will like the guy.  Believe me, I know, these people are fucking looney tunes, but they’re out there and they’re ridiculous!

Why WOULDN’T you want him back?  Regardless of what Terrence Ross decides to do, with Tony Wroten you’ve got a kid who is ONLY going to get better as he matures.  And as he stands now – an immature, cocky Freshman – you’ve still got something glorious!  As a True Freshman, he averaged 16 points, nearly 2 steals, nearly 4 assists, and 5 rebounds per game.  He went to the line nearly 8 times a game (easily leading the team) and his field goal percentage is a little over 44%.

Imagine Hypothetical Basketball Player X.  HBPX is like one of those characters you can create in a video game.  Let’s say you can configure his settings so he replicates all of those stats I’ve just given you in the previous paragraph AS A TRUE FRESHMAN.  Now, just imagine what that player will be capable of in years two, three, and four (although, let’s be realistic:  it’s bloody unlikely we see years three and four, but that’s neither here nor there).  Are you telling me you wouldn’t want Hypothetical Basketball Player X to be on your basketball team next season?

The major variable, of course, is Terrence Ross.  So, let’s break it down.

Terrence Ross Leaves For The NBA:  well, at this point, you root for the Huskies and they’ve just lost their best player.  Do you REALLY want to lose your second-best player?  The guy who will BE your best player next season?  Terrence Ross leaves, but Wroten stays, then you can at least harbor delusions of this team coming together and putting up another run for the Conference Title.  Without BOTH of those guys?  Say hello to 6th Place, because you’re not going to win too many games when your leading scorers (Wilcox & Suggs) are both outside jump shooters and you’ve got no guards to go inside and do the dirty work (unless Gaddy blossoms, as we all hope he does).

Terrence Ross Stays With The Huskies:  it’s this scenario that Husky fans salivate over.  At this point, those Anti-Wrotenites don’t give two shits about whether or not Wroten stays or goes; and in fact, I bet most of them would rather he just go away and we’ll take our chances without him.  I think that’s moronic.  Look at the teams in the Final Four right now.  What do they have?  All American Talent, from top to bottom.  If you want to be one of those elite teams, you’ve GOT to have the kind of talent on your team that Wroten would provide.  Considering he’s only going to get better – because, when you’re in college, there’s pretty much no way for you to go BUT up, especially when you play under Romar – that’s just going to make this team a runaway force to be reckoned with come next season.  Terrence Ross will be The Man, Tony Wroten will have worked on all aspects of his game that needed working on, Abdul Gaddy, Scott Suggs and Aziz N’Diaye will be Seniors, C.J. Wilcox will be a Junior, and all those other Freshmen we have on our roster will have that season of experience (even if they rode pine mostly, they still got all that practice time).

We only lost one senior, Darnell Gant.  With both Ross & Wroten back, WE will be the front-runners!  WE will have the national media behind our backs from the start!  WE will get all the attention in the conference!  Which means WE will have our stock bolstered in the Pac-12, which will hopefully translate to our continued success in convincing new top-flight recruits to sign here, instead of those other teams you see in the Final Four every year.

But, like I said, regardless of what Ross does, we still need Wroten.  If for nothing else, we need his ball-handling skills.  If he leaves, we have Gaddy and …

I don’t think any Husky fan out there trusts Wilcox or Suggs to handle the ball down the court.  And I don’t think Abdul Gaddy can play 40 minutes every game.  And I REALLY don’t think any of our lesser, benchwarming point guard types are ready for Prime Time.

Put it all together, and we as Husky fans better get behind the idea of Tony Wroten coming back next year.  Quit being a bunch of bitches and recognize elite talent when you see it!

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