Not An April Fool’s Joke: Terrence Ross Enters NBA Draft

I was hoping that I’d wake up this morning and realize that I’d been duped by a very elaborate prank, perpetrated by Ross, the local media, & the University of Washington.  But, no dice.

Say goodbye to these, because it's the last time ...

The 2012/2013 Washington Men’s Basketball team just got a whole lot worse.  We’re going to have to figure out a way to replace 15 points and 6.5 rebounds per game.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, considering he only surpassed 20 points in 9 of our 35 games, but just look at his 4-game N.I.T. output:

  • 23 points & 5 boards vs. Texas Arlington
  • 32 points & 8 boards vs. Northwestern
  • 24 points & 3 boards vs. Oregon
  • 21 points & 6 boards vs. Minnesota

That would be 4 of the 9 games over 20 points, in the four most important games of the season.  What does that say about the guy?  On the one hand, you could say he’s going through the motions in games of lesser import … or you could say that he has always had the capability to go off in each and every game, but he’s such a team player that he’ll often defer unless he’s needed to carry the load.

There’s no denying that he has the ability & talent to be a guy who could score over 20 points a game.  Look at those games where he picked the team up all by himself:  30 points in the comeback win against WSU, 22 in the win against UCLA, 25 in the win against Arizona.  If we didn’t have Wroten or Wilcox, if this 2011/2012 team was just a one-man show, Terrence Ross would’ve EASILY led the Pac-12 in scoring.  Of course, we wouldn’t have won the regular season title, and we wouldn’t have gone as far in the N.I.T., but that’s neither here nor there.

Now, we wait.  In another week or two, we’ll know if we also have to replace Tony Wroten.  A.K.A., we’ll know if we have to replace 16 points and nearly 4 assists per game on top of Ross’s 15 points and 6.5 rebounds.  For a team that averaged 75 points per game, that’s dangerously close to 50% of our points in two guys.  With only Scott Suggs and a bevy of never-playing bench guys to replace them …

It’s disappointing, but it’s understandable.  Terrence Ross is ready.  He’s not going to get THAT much better playing in college.  He could maybe bulk up, add a little strength without sacrificing speed, and he could probably work on a post game.  But, his post game isn’t that bad right now!  And with a jumper like that, forget about it.

Terrence Ross could’ve gone down as one of – if not THE – greatest Huskies of all time.  Had he stayed his final two years, he most certainly would’ve been better than Brandon Roy.  As a Sophomore, he’s already ahead of Roy.  But, if there’s one important lesson to take away from Brandon Roy, it’s probably not:  Stay In School.

It’s:  you never know when your time is going to end.  So you better make your primetime years count while you’ve still got your ability and you’ve still got your health.

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