Well, This Sucks: Tony Wroten Also Enters NBA Draft

And just like that, a little over half of our scoring is gone.  Darnell Gant, a senior, probably would’ve stayed another decade if the rules allowed.  Terrence Ross, after a nothing Freshman season, came on strong as a Sophomore.  And Tony Wroten, a guy we all knew coming into the season would be One & Done, had probably the most reasons to stay.  All are gone.

I’ve already belabored the Tony Wroten issue enough, so I won’t get into those aforementioned reasons to stay.  For as many reasons as there were, there is probably an equal number of reasons to leave.

First and foremost, he’s projected as a mid-to-late first round pick.  The NBA LOVES drafting on potential.  I can’t imagine there are any guards out there with more potential than Tony Wroten.  He’s got the height, he’s got court vision, he’s got an ability to drive to the hoop, and he can be a tenacious defender when he wants to be.

The big question is:  will he ever develop a jump shot?  Another season in college could’ve done that.  Of course, just spending a year on an NBA roster (or on the NBDL) could do the same thing.

What you really have to look at is the risk/reward with him.  Is another season in college worth the risk?  There’s the obvious risk of injury.  The great unknown.  Ultimately, you never want that to be your deciding factor, because if you’re living your life constantly worried about injury, you’re not really living.

The other, more subtle risk is:  What if Tony Wroten DIDN’T get better with another college season?

I think all of us Wroten fans in Seattle were banking on him spending the summer practicing his shot, then coming back to the team as a force of nature (thereby increasing his Draft Stock to the point where he’d be a surefire lottery pick).  But, there was the very real chance that Wroten’s jumper wouldn’t improve overnight.  It might take him a decade just to get to the point where he’s not a complete liability behind the arc.  If he would’ve come back to the Huskies and been the same exact player as he was this past season – saying nothing of the possibility of him regressing – his Draft Stock would’ve plummeted.  Because he would’ve lost that one aspect of his game that’s impossible to quantify:  his POTENTIAL.

It’s a sad-but-true realtiy in the world of professional basketball.  If you’re not drastically improving from year-to-year in college, then you’re failing miserably.  Two years of the same exact player doesn’t have nearly the cachet as a raw, talented-yet-flawed One & Done player.

The very reason why Tony Wroten should’ve stayed in school is the same reason why he so desperately needs to leave now.  I think he knew, deep down, that he wasn’t going to get all that much better in one off-season.  Even doubling his 3-point shot percentage only leaves him at a little over 30%.  At that point, how much better is he REALLY going to get?  He would’ve had to have tripled his percentage to somewhere in the upper 40% rate for his Draft Stock to really go up.  And that just wasn’t going to happen.

The other aspects of his game he could’ve worked on – his turnovers, his right hand, his decision-making – can just as easily be fixed in the pros.  You gotta figure with some of those passes that were flying off of teammates’ hands or going out of bounds, they’ll be caught and translated into buckets in the pros.  Another year of college isn’t going to do anything to rectify that.

So, that’s it then.  This is, by far, the darkest point of the Husky off-season.  All you Wroten haters get your wish.  I hope you’re happy with the mediocre team we’re going to watch next season.

On the plus side, it can only get better from here.  Hopefully we’ll be able to nab a couple JC Transfers to round out our roster.  We have an immediate opening for both Power Forward and Point Guard.

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