The Seattle Mariners’ Finalized Roster

Well, this didn’t last long.

With Mike Carp taking a short trip to the DL and Shawn Kelley boasting a 27.00 regular season ERA, things apparently had to shuffle.  In Carp’s place, for the time being, is Chone Figgins.  In Figgins’ place, for the time being, is Kyle Seager.  On the bench, temporarily keeping Carp’s roster spot warm, is Alex Liddi.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Liddi didn’t see one inning of action over the next week while Carp’s on the road to recovery.  You figure Figgins is getting every opportunity in this first month of the season to lock down that leadoff spot in the order.  And, you figure Seager is getting every opportunity to prove that he’s not just a Minor League & Spring Training Dandy.  Figgins, because he’s so expensive, and Seager because he’s potentially our future at some infield spot going forward (if he proves he can hack it).  Then, you gotta figure Kawasaki will have a shot before Liddi based on how he torched in Spring.  The 25th man is a lonely, boring life to lead.  But, that’s what Liddi is going to be for this first full week of the season.

As for Kelley, he’s a victim of the numbers game.  Iwakuma wasn’t going anywhere.  Luetge is a Rule 5 guy, and a left hander.  Delabar is essentially the same pitcher, but I’m guessing he didn’t have any options?  It came down to a 3-man race between Kelley, Furbush, and Erasmo Ramirez.  For the life of me, I can’t fathom why the team chose to keep Ramirez over the other two (considering he’s a starting pitcher and him pitching every 12 days will probably stunt his growth), but that’s what’s happening.  Obviously, these things aren’t set in stone.  People struggle and get sent down (or waived), people get injured, people get traded.  It’s not like this is forever.

So, Furbush and Kelley are in Tacoma.  Life goes on.

What’ll be interesting is when both Guti AND Carp come back.  We all know Liddi is a seat filler, but who’s the other guy?  Conventional wisdom dictates it’ll be either Saunders or Wells.  The question is:  will Wells get a shot?

It sounds like Guti is going to be back sooner than we anticipated.  That’s good news for Guti – and fans of Guti – but it’s not necessarily good news for Casper Wells.  With Figgins getting this one final month to prove he’s still a Major Leaguer, you know he’s going to play early and often.  If Seager hits like he’s capable of hitting, that pushes Figgins to Left Field.  Saunders is the better defensive outfielder, so you’re looking at what?  One game a week for Wells to prove he belongs?  That hardly seems fair (especially when you and I and every other Mariners fan out there knows Figgins is going to suck major dick like he always has in a Mariners uniform).

On the plus side, both Wells and Saunders have options.  So, when the team FINALLY gets sick and tired of Figgins, we can bring back the guy who was sent down.  Fret not, Casper!  You’ll get your chance yet!

And with that, let the Regular Season begin (for real this time)!  Vargas & McCarthy!  Feel the excitement!

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