The Mariners Are 2-1 Against The A’s, 0-0 Against The Rest Of Baseball

Well, THAT … was encouraging.

I’m not going to recap every Mariners game, mostly because I’m not going to be able to see every Mariners game.  Besides, there are better venues to get your game-to-game recaps, and this isn’t exclusively a Mariners site (even though there will certainly be a dearth of non-Mariners-related material in the coming months).

But, I will recap the important games, that I DO see.  If you can call what’s about to follow a “recap”, which I’m not sure is the accurate term.  This is more like a Game Bloviation.

Hot damn, break up those Mariners because they’re going to be UN-stoppable!  After scoring all of four runs in Japan over two games, the M’s nearly doubled that effort last night.  In scoring 7 runs, they reached a milestone they hit only 21 times out of 162 in 2011.  To put that in perspective, the 2011 Texas Rangers scored 7 or more runs 66 times in their 179 games (including playoffs).

Suffice it to say, what the Mariners did last night didn’t happen too bloody often in 2011.  And it happened even FEWER times in 2010 (15 out of 162)!

Obviously, this is only one game, and let’s not get carried away about one game, and let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet … but, come on.  It’s Game 3 of the season.  If we’re EVER going to be excited about a 7-run explosion out of the Seattle Mariners’ offense, it might as well be after Game 3 of the season.  You know, when we’re not 15 games out of first place, scrapping and clawing with the A’s for third in the division.

I’m seeing a lot of delightful numbers as I peruse the Box Score this morning.  Figgins went 3 for 4 last night to improve to .333, Ackley went 3 for 5 to improve to .357, Saunders & Ryan both got 2 hits to pull their averages up to .300, and Seager’s not far behind with his .286.  Considering Ichiro’s still living high on the hog from his 4-hit game in Japan and you’re talking about one helluva start from these guys.

And, not for nothing, but they did do all of this against a guy who absolutely DOMINATED the Mariners last year.  Brandon McCarthy is just the kind of guy to make us look idiotic time and time again, even if he has mediocre stuff.

You know what makes me happy?  We’re 2-1 and we got a chance to save Felix for the game tonight against an apparently unstoppable Bartolo Colon.  If that doesn’t spell 3-1, I don’t know what does!

More importantly, I can’t remember who made the point yesterday, but I’ll go ahead and bring it up.  Offensive outbursts like the one we saw here last night can only improve our chances.  Maybe not for outright contention in the AL West, but at least for peace of mind.  The fans of Seattle aren’t expecting a winner.  They’re not banking on being in a race come August or September.  They JUST want to see a little improvement from season to season and from month to month within THIS season.  Getting off to a good start – especially for guys like Figgins, Saunders, Seager & Ryan – will only help matters going forward.

I, for one, can’t wait for the game tonight.  Truth be told, I can’t wait for EVERY Felix start, but I’m especially excited for this one.  So, you know what to do, Mariners.  Temper my enthusiasm with another anemic offensive effort, thereby squandering another quality Felix start.

After all, we can’t go and get everyone’s hopes TOO high.

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