Hector Noesi Is Probably Going To Suck

Let me preface this by saying:  I hope I’m wrong.

Let me also say:  yeah, yeah, I know, it’s only one game and it’s against the Rangers in Texas.  Blow me.

Perhaps “suck” is too strong a word, but I contend there’s a lot of leeway with a word like “suck”.  To some, “suck” means being terrible, among the lowest of the low.  To others, “suck” simply means the absence of being good.  I have no confidence in Hector Noesi ever being good.  Or, at least being good over an extended period of time (like, say, over the course of an entire baseball season).

He has stuff.  I don’t know how great that stuff is, but he has something.  His fastball moves, and it goes about 92-93 miles per hour.  He’s got a slider and a change up, and both of those move as well.  All kinds of movement with this guy!  The thing with Noesi that’s ultimately going to land him with the Tacoma Rainiers is:  he’s one of those pitchers who doesn’t know where the fuck his pitches will end up after he’s thrown them.  I can’t STAND those kinds of pitchers!

Oh, he’ll have a game here and there where he looks unhittable.  But, that’s just because all of those pitches he can’t control just HAPPEN to miss a bunch of bats (or lead those bats to create weak, groundball contact).  But, for every game like that, he’s going to have double the games where he looks like he did tonight against the Rangers.  Nearly half of his pitches will be balls, he’ll have just as many walks as strikeouts, and a third of his hits given up will go for home runs.

I’ll admit, it’s a rough go when your first start with your new team is against the Rangers, but you know what?  Show me something.  I’m not expecting perfection out of the gate, but show me SOMETHING.  In spite of what we’ve seen thus far, we’re not going to face the Oakland A’s EVERY game.  Sometimes, we’re going to face teams like the Rangers.  And if you can’t do better than 3 innings and 7 earned runs, then I don’t want to see you pitching for my baseball team.

The three starters after Felix and Vargas are REALLY going to suck my will to live.  Remind me to never attend a game where Noesi, Beavan, or Millwood are starting.

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