The Seahawks Re-Sign Marcus Trufant

For the record:  I’m for it!

This feels awkward, doesn’t it?  This time last year (and every year before this, dating back to the moment he was drafted) Marcus Trufant was our starting cornerback.  You could just pen him right there into our lineup.  Not that he was the greatest there ever was, it’s not like he’s a Hall of Famer or anything.  But, he was far and away the best the Seahawks have had at the position for as long as I can remember (reader alert:  my memory isn’t that great).  That says more about the Seahawks’ past ability to recognize talent in the secondary than it does about Trufant’s overall skill level.  Nevertheless, Trufant was no slouch.

And now, here we are.  Trufant was released about a month ago, he was on the open market during prime Free Agent signing time, he went and visited exactly one NFL team (that we know of, the Denver Broncos), and now he’s back.  On a one-year deal.  With no guarantee of even having a JOB going into the season, forget about a starting job!

I think the odds are pretty good that he’ll make the team, but crazier things have happened.  This team went out of its way to trade for LenDale White on Draft Day, then proceeded to cut him a couple months later.  Regardless, I don’t think there’s any way Trufant is starting for the Seahawks this season unless someone gets injured.

And there is the primary reason why he was signed.  Depth.  Richard Sherman is a lock on one side, and Brandon Browner is pretty much a lock on the other side (you have to figure his chances are a little worse than Sherman’s considering he led the league in penalties last season).  This team will give Walter Thurmond every opportunity to be that third corner, but he’s coming off of a major injury and will likely need extra time to come back this season.  We have a couple other guys, younger guys, inexperienced guys (like draft pick Byron Maxwell, who isn’t actually a former Seattle Sonic, no matter how much his name sounds like he should be), but they don’t figure to be competing for any kind of significant minutes.  Roy Lewis just re-signed, so you figure he’s in there for some playing time.

But, none of those guys (nor any of the possible rookies we draft later this month) has what Trufant has.  Trufant has experience and he has savvy that only comes with being in the league for a 10th season.  Just imagine this secondary of ours!  Two tall, physical corners on the outside, two fast, hard-hitting safeties in the middle, and Marcus Trufant as your Nickel guy when teams go multiple wides against us.  If these guys manage to stay healthy, I think we’re looking at the greatest Seahawks secondary of all time!

This is a great move by Carroll and Schneider.  Maybe they knew this would happen all along, but I still gotta figure we’re a little bit lucky.  Trufant could’ve left this team if he really wanted to.  But, for some reason he didn’t let his pride get in the way.  Now he’s back and we’re looking at a really special defense for 2012.

I can’t wait for the Draft.  I can’t wait for Training Camp.  I can’t wait for September 9th.  This is going to be a LONG summer.

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