Mariners Lose Home Opener, Come Back To Win Series

So, I guess this takes away some of the rage I was experiencing Friday night.  Still, I’d probably trade for a win in the game I actually watched over the two I listened to on the radio.

The Seattle Mariners are 5-2 against the Oakland A’s, 1-3 against the rest of the league.  Of course, the “rest of the league” is just the Texas Rangers, but FINALLY, starting on Tuesday, we get to see some teams we haven’t seen yet.  Variety!

But first, let’s talk about the home opening series.  I’ll start with the bad so I can finish with the good, because it’s Sunday and it’s sunny and we should all end whatever we’re doing this weekend on a positive note.

Miguel Olivo.  Sigh.  0-3 today with 1 K.  0-3 yesterday with 1 K.  0-2 on Friday with 1 BB.  His batting average is down to a paltry (though, “paltry” isn’t even enough to describe his utter suckiness) .111.  His OBP is .135.  If this was Chone Figgins of last year, he would be getting booed every single time he walked away from the plate shaking his head after swinging through a change up for strike three.  And yet he has continued to play in all but one game to start the season even though we have a whopping TWO other catchers on the Major League roster.  It’s inane!  It’s completely inane and Eric Wedge should be ashamed of himself for continuing to trot this guy out there for no good God damned reason.

It’s not like this is just a recent spurt of poor play.  We have all of last year to look back on as proof of Olivo’s ineptitude!  .224 batting average, .253 on-base percentage, 11 passed balls, and 58 wild pitches allowed.  That all happened in 2011, and here we are reliving it all over again!

Other than that, I really don’t have a whole lot to bitch about, that I didn’t already get out of my system.  Figgins isn’t really helping his cause by getting only 1 hit this series.  Michael Saunders REALLY isn’t helping his cause (especially with Guti barrelling down on him from the Disabled List) by going hitless in his two games.  And it would be nice to see Justin Smoak get his batting average above .200 (though he did hit a solo homer this afternoon).

On the plus side, Jesus Montero had a great game last night with two hits (including his first Homer and Double in a Mariner uniform), providing the bulk of the scoring in our 4-0 win.  Kyle Seager hit a double and scored a run today to continue his torrid start.  Ichiro provided a double as well today, knocking in a run to break the 3-3 tie.  And, HEY NOW, Brendan Ryan hit a 2-run home run to kick off the scoring this afternoon!

On the pitching side of things, all three starters threw Quality Starts this weekend.  Most surprising – and uplifting, depending on how you feel about him – was Hector Noesi’s 8 shutout innings last night.  He gave up 5 hits, walked 1, and struck out 6.  So … that’s good news.  I would still like to see him make a regular start against a regular offense (i.e. not one so terrible like the A’s have; and not one so amazing like the Rangers have).  I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’d like to see how he does this week against the White Sox.  And maybe again on the road against a team like the Rays (so I know he’s not going to have an extreme home/road split).

Today, it was Beavan continuing to flat out deal.  I like this kid.  He did more good last season than bad, and now with his rookie campaign behind him, he looks like he could be the real deal in the back-end of a rotation.  Not flashy, not sexy, but just getting the job done every fifth day.  Gotta respect that.

As for the bullpen, hard to make any headway.  We saw a lot of League and Wilhelmsen this weekend.  When we didn’t see League or Wilhelmsen, we generally saw mediocre pitching.

After all that travelling between spring training, Japan, spring training, Oakland, and Texas, it must be nice for the players to have a full ten days at home.  Must be even nicer to have this off day tomorrow.  You’re 6-5, Mariners.  Go out and tie one on, you deserve it.

Then, come back and figure out a way to not screw up a Felix Hernandez start.  Pretty please, with sugar on top, give Felix a fucking win.

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